Horizontal Deck Railing Embraces Every Outdoor Living with Natural Look

How to make your outdoor living becomes more and more adorable? Do you add something beautiful like potted plant, or you just leave it lush with greenery? I think, adding horizontal deck railing is a perfect idea. It embraces the living space with stunning natural feeling together with the fresh surrounding!

Even a black wooden house with outdoor upper terrace design, it inserts the horizontal deck railing in purpose. Of course, aside from safety, it also gives awesome feeling to go natural! The rustic railing is just matching with the pole and pergola on the ceiling too. Therefore, the total ambiance is truly indescribable!

Further, for modern outdoor space, not only wooden railing, adding the wooden one with glass fence is also a good idea. In case of watching around, the transparent glass is the best material ever. So, think beyond safety!

I like the outdoor terrace design aside lush vegetation very much. Spending the whole day on the spot is like a second as the swinging wind always comes through the wild thick green leave of the trees. Further, the wooden seating, table, railing, and flooring are other appeal that you cannot deny. Instead of beautiful outlook, it shares natural feeling too.

Meanwhile, never be doubtful to combine wooden railing with the metal one. It is surprising to see the wonderful result. Firm wooden material with strong metal must be a solid combination to add both safety and style.
Even a balcony would be best if you have railing, especially wooden. So, what kind of outdoor space that you have?

Reference: www.houzz.com

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