Hottest Bedding Trends from Best World Stores’ Collections

bed linen product from Linen Tales huge pillow in pastels blue duvet with wooden buttons crate bedside table glass vase Linen Tales

Bedding trend is always interesting to discuss. We have a prediction that for the next year, all-white bedding products still dominate the industry as they’re more vibrant in look and surely lead to minimalist, but actually there are many color schemes that effectively add a minimalist look like pastels showcasing pale and soft palettes. And here are some inspiring bedding trends we wanna share to you that hopefully bring so much inspiration.

Obviously different in color yet so blended. Both pastel and dusty pink really make a statement. They perfectly give a beauty contrast to all-white bed & hexagon-tiled floors. They also display comfortable look.

Grab this crisp white and combine it with pure white for clean-look bedding treatment. This would be the most perfect option for beach-style bedroom or ultramodern one that exposes more on coziness and simplicity.

bed linen product from Linen Tales huge pillow in pastels blue duvet with wooden buttons crate bedside table glass vase

Linen Tales

Just select the pastels if you want to get a cozy and stylish look for your bedroom. This bed linen is just one of best recommendations offering you wide range of custom-look bedding ideas. Wooden buttons are the most special things we commonly discover in all Linen Tales’ duvet products. And about the dimension, Linen Tales offers huge options of custom widths and lengths.

Line Fox's dusty lavender pillow cases light gray bed linen

Linen Fox Clothes

Dusty lavender is just one of most recommended color schemes that could give a radiating yet softening visual effect, and it’s better to collaborate it with soft-neutral schemes like gray. This color combination, of course, produces ultramodern look to your bedroom.

For a feminine white, it just simply combines two trends of purely white bed linen and semi-transparent white sheet. Use wood bed furniture for warmer & more natural look, and complete it with vividly green ornament for making the space much more alive.

Rough Linen has produced so many bedding products and most of them are dominated by those are soft colored. These two pillows are just the examples; both come in two soft but striking schemes: storm and aqua, and you can use these colors together in one frame. So minimalist but trendy, isn’t it?

Natural texture is still playing a crucial role in bedding trend 2019. Striped linen featuring textured sheet and woven blanket look the most matched items for this rattan bed frame. They demonstrate a classic look with modern touches.

Elegance is created from simple watercolor-prints that cohesively fit the walls.  The drawn patterns don’t need to be perfect, but the softness of cottons & linens are purposed to be perfection.

It’s so simple to create an elegant and modern bedroom; you just need to add the linens that visually have coordinated shades and colors – creating an inviting look. You can also pair it with bold or bright pillows to give a braver focal point.

Layered bedding and throws are simple things that can create a cozy bed. Just complete it with personal touch like a accent cushion for more fresh decor.

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