Hottest Home Trends Inspired from Pinterest

accent chair with grain leather upholstery and solid dark wood finishing textured concrete walls concrete tiled floors fabric area rug Pinterest

When you go online and surf the Pinterest, there are so many inspiring home trends exactly you won’t ignore. Whatever home trends you want, Pinterest provides hundreds of designs probably will inspire you. That’s why, I really recommend you to access these hottest home trends taken from my favorite Pinterest. Here is what we will see more.

Huge dose of textile mixing (wool, leather, and fringe on furnishings) and texture surely create a special character in home, and these pieces could match perfectly with light concrete base and top, giving a beautiful contrast to the space. A statement rug and accent table here are also significant in stunning up the space. Really inspiring.

No closet isn’t a matter. Small spaces deal with zero storage solution, and the open closet is the right option. This kind of product, of course, makes the space quite practical and space-efficient.

Houseplants are not the only way to create a leafy space. Such framed plants can be new solutions. If you prefer wallpaper to framed wall arts, botanical prints or tropical/ floral wallpaper are also good choices.

Crows of bold colors are gaining popular now. Striking blue featuring gold, for instance, seem to be a perfect color combination that creates a classy and elegant setting. Like in this bathroom, a deep white bathtub and curtains become the best complementary color scheme for both blue and gold, making the space visually fresher and cleaner.

accent chair with grain leather upholstery and solid dark wood finishing textured concrete walls concrete tiled floors fabric area rug


Minimal accent furniture also seems so popular in this year and a few years ahead. This accent chair, for instance, definitely make your space more stunning. Not only the design, the chair’s espresso & dark wood finishings bring it so sturdy and classy. Its 100& grain leather cover also labels its high-cost brand of that chair.

A vintage drawer system, not only lovely unique, but it’s also functional. Originally made of natural timbers with clear finishing. Each surface of single drawer is painted in various color schemes for more attractive yet old-fashioned look. Take a look at the pullers of drawers, the designer keeps them classic.

Simple and practical piece of storage solutions are next home trend which probably can be popular in this year and one or two years after. The design surely brings huge benefits for small spaces. This open walk-in closet, for instance, has been completed with sturdy metal bar hangers mounted on top shelf, providing much storage space for wardrobes. The additional drawer systems here are just the complementary items.

transported profile dining chairs with brass back handles & legs


Playful colors like pop of colors are still loved by most people nowadays. Whether the style and design, bold & attractive color schemes are still the favorite ones. These stylish dining chairs are just the samples representing what modern people want, need, and love. Their back-handles possibly make the chairs easier to transported anywhere (portable profile), while the design performs a wonderfully vintage Italian accented by brass legs, leading us to see a classy & elegant piece of furniture.

Cross-cultural piece of furniture is a brilliant idea to make your space much more fabulous. It’s gonna be a focal point of room due to its unique and characterful look. These Moroccan poufs will be an obvious accent and easily stand out the space. These products are made of top goat skin, designed for a stylish & comfy extra seats.

Chic and fresh. This style is being popular now. Plainly white and other lightly clean look are too monotone and ordinary. Many people now prefer the boldly colored space, filled with bold & multicolored furnishings, accessories, and even the facade of interiors. To empower chic look, you just need to add some vintage-styled furnishings with cool & shabby color schemes.

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