Hottest Interior Trends for Fall & Winter 2018 You Should Get Inspired

embroidery duvet cover set with textured surface light wood bed frame with headboard wood bedside table decorative woven wool wall art Pinterest

When winter comes, re-decorating the home is hardly to do. After enjoying the warm days during summer and being inspired by the beauty we’ve got along the summer, now we’re finally to get ready to hibernate while the temperature drops slowly. Of course we need to prepare everything starting from basic pieces to accessories with stylish accents required for making us comfortable in home. Inspired by Pinterest, we’ve taken ten best and most inspiring home trends for next Fall and Winter 2018. Hopefully, these ideas become your best references. Let’s get the review.

Let make your ‘nest’ clean and minimalist. Bright color schemes really help to create such atmosphere. Light wood element of course could add warm feel, and a simple potted green here obviously gives a vivid element that makes the space visually alive and fresh. This spot actually works perfectly for a gathering space to welcome happiest Christmas holidays.

It feels so rustic. The woven wool throw blanket isn’t only a decorative, but also a warm maker when needed. The most interesting thing is how the designer tries to create a cozy and warming atmosphere in such rustic-look interior, and wood and fabrics elements are the right solutions.

Neutral and gray palettes, a winter inspiration. It’s calm yet quite elegant in simplest way. When these palettes are combined with natural element like natural wood, it would bring the visual warmth. Pick the most unique piece like this pendant as the statement maker.

Give a bit bohemian touch to your winter-theme bedroom with this dreamy rattan-tied headboard. This item is categorized as one of most popular Urban Outiftters’ products and of course this is the hottest trend for bohemian maniacs. With geometric pattern, let’s make your napping spot so perfect in good symmetry.

Use this fancy art as the direct interest to your favorite room. So many color schemes are picked for creative & sophisticated hanging art – giving textural tone to this room. With colors, of course you could make your room warmer and more cheerful.

yellow wall small and medium houseplants on pots white bed linen woven wool blanket in green


Lovely blanket! With big patterns of woven wool, this blanket extremely recommends to make the bodies cozily warmer during the winter. The color, bold green, adds the special character especially when featuring the existing houseplants.

As white as snow – this tone is intentionally used by the designer to perform the winter-themed interior. The designer loves taking natural wood as the element dominating this private space. Wood means naturally warm, stylish, and of course easy to manage. With different finishing, each wood here exposes character & value.

embroidery duvet cover set with textured surface light wood bed frame with headboard wood bedside table decorative woven wool wall art


Cozy feel and smooth – with textured surface and huge thickness, this embroidery duvet and cover set give so much of warmth and comfort. Wood element and decorative woven wall art have contributed in making the space visually warmer and cozier.

sepia wall painting gray sofa mid century modern coffee table with angled legs modern area rug


Sepia – reddish brown color hue – always offer warming look that automatically makes the space so inviting. Pick neutral furnishing pieces like this gray sofa to make it beautifully contrasted.

What a beautiful color combination for Winter! Lighter duvet cover set is completely works with the headboard and wall color – creating a cozy atmosphere for napping or doing something fun for hours in this lovely private space.

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