House Floor Plan for Modern House Design

I bet that you have the same thought as mine that floor is the greatest element in every interior design. it is the one that comforts your feet while navigating around watching every inch of the space. It is also the one keep your house warm during the hardest winter added with fireplace inside. Aside of thise functions, flooring idea is also a way to catch style in the retreat. Below are some house floor plans that will enrich your interior with style!

The very first design is a natural wooden laminated flooring idea. it invades an interior with brick wall accent and orange seating beneath. Together with all the vibrant color applied to the house, I guess it is the best choice to deal with the ambiance.

Another idea seems to introduce you with a sweet blak idea of wooden flooring. It comes in perfect look in an industrial interior design which is full of the use of black metal here and there. With the glossy look, it is just wonderful to have the style at home!

Aside of the natural one, beige bamboo flooring is another fashionable idea that will make your scandinavian interior design getting more perfect. It matches the wooden stairs applied leading to the upper floor bathed with natural light from the glass window. Amazing!

A white washed wooden laminated flooring idea is another solution for wide and stylish interior design. it fits a nursery which appears along with a white painted crib in the room. together with white ladder aside, it is quite nice to sit even lay on the floor!


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