House with Glass Facade – Sheer Privacy

In most modern house, it is considered worthwile to add luxurious facade to the exterior design as it comes to impress people attention. I can tell that facade becomes the face of all house designs as it appears in the very front of the design. some are designed mounted made of concrete or stone, and some are simply flat made of wood or vinyl. Here, I will show you some house designs that are great with glass facade! Check it out!

It is a lake house that first welcomes today’s show! The hovering model is the plush shared in the middle of lush vegetation with watery view aside. All the glass siding around is not only wall, but it plays as a facade as well exhibiting the interior outside. Awesome!

The next idea is a modern house located down town the city. It is a two storey house which employs glass material from the lowest part to the top. There is no privacy hidden in the spot but to mesmerize the glass facade fashionably.

Another house design is enriched with minimalist style, and the use of natural stone to some part of the siding gives maximal awe together with glass window that to be the facade as well. Amazing!

An architectural house with triangle roof is the next one that appears stylishly with glass facade. It satisfies every eye with glorious nuance of the interior as well as the exterior. So many delight to come inside the house anyway!

So, which design that you love the most?


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