Typical Design of Houzz Bar Stools

There is a site which sells many home furniture. It is called Houzz. This company seems big company for supplying your home furniture. In this special post, we would like to discuss about Bar stools that are sold in Houzz company. There are so many bar stools that are sold here, those stools are adorable and have particular design.

The first bar stool that can be our sample is a bar stool which has high design. This bar stool showed in the picture has wooden legs concept with the same wooden surface and back. This bar stool is so adorable with two colors combination. The legs are painted in brown, while the back and the seat surface are painted in white accent. This bar stool is kind of classic bar stool with modern design. Let us compare with the other bar stool design which has all modern concept. This bar stool showed in the picture has steel single legs concept with nice square surface and small back. This kind of modern stool can be adjusted.

The other design of bar stool by Houzz has classic and modern concept. Why we call it so? Because this bar stool is made of iron and wood. The legs are made of iron while the surface and back are made of wood. However, this bar stool is not adjustable, so it is fixed. It is also quite high anyway. We can compare it with the next sample which has nice simple classic design. This bar stool is totally made of wood, and it is not too high. It is also painted in all green. The concept is just the same with four legs concept design. This is the simplest bar stool that the writer ever see, but it always looks good for bar design.

reference: houzz.com

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