How to Decorate White Baseboard? Should We Paint It in White?

White is magic. Everything in white looks so clean, pure, and sparkling. White baseboard has similar effect. Even if many homeowners choose darker or colorful colors as the baseboard color scheme, white still becomes the favorite color for most people. To get perfectly beautiful white baseboard, here we share some simple tips of decorating your baseboards.

First, use tone or shade of wall color. This step is precise way to complement the wall. Lighter grey is most recommended shade/ tone for strips baseboard models. This shade is added on different part of strips. Two different tones, white and lighter grey, create a magic effect. At glance, pale grey gives the appearance of white for baseboard, but it gives different pigment for wall. The combination works together without ruining the white baseboard. Darker or bold shades or tones are also good choices that deliver perfect result for your white baseboard.

Second, select the similar color for door, trim, and wall, but not for your baseboard. This idea is advisable, especially for the door and trims with minimal features and for a small room. In a small room, you exactly do not want to distract your eyes when you travel in the room. Break-in-color can create attractiveness and pause as you view the room. Attractively, the room appears as the blocks of colors. You can also add the subtle break by only applying glossier finishing on the door’s trim. Cozy feel will appear automatically if the wall and trim are in similar color.

Third, it doesn’t have to white baseboard. You can creatively play with other chic colors, such as blue, grey, and taupe color schemes. To make it balanced and harmonious, you have to select matched main colors. A room with yellow wall paint, for instance, offers you the look of English cottage after being completed with bold blue baseboards. Rich and sparkling red living room looks good and so elegant if it is combined with taupe baseboards. A green bedroom will be so fabulous if you pair it with French grey.


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