Kitchen Loft – How to Opt Minimal Space

Bedroom in a loft, bathroom in a loft, and office in a loft all are common and some people have already owned them. Maximizing the narrow space even the large one into a cool spot to hang out is now possible, and of course taking the unique one is perfect. What about to have a kitchen in the loft? I guess it is a stunning idea, here you check some pictures below!

Letting your loft rustic or you can make it rustic yourself is best to achieve classical tone in the space. Scratched painted wall and some parts in red brick accent will elevate the original theme that you are going to have. With ladder shelves added beneath the wall, it attacks the loft kitchen with vintage tone. Awesome!

Another kitchen looks great to unite with living space with no border. The large glass window added brings fresh nuance enriched with natural light and clean air to breath. Some light square furniture are added including beige wooden table and the stools as well as chairs. thanks to the wonderful black yellow pendants added on the air!

A small loft kitchen idea invade the space with shabby chic look, and it is surprising to hang out in this cute accent. Only the small mini bar offers two black stools to enjoy a glass of wine or more. However, with chic arrangement applied to the vibe, you sure get the soothing ambiance!

What about a cool kitchen with long skylight that presses you like sandwich? Yeah, the wooden ceiling and flooring design are likely to be the bread, and the filler must be th bar and dining set as well as the fruity yellow chair inside!


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