I shaped Home Bar for Socializing Spot

Today’s trend is to bring public hub into the house. it is just fashionable to spend the evening at home right on the bar stools with music sounding all over the room with jazz or else. Inviting more friends is getting more confident with a home kitchen bar inside the retreat. You can be the visitor, the owner, and even the barista. Everything is just possible in your own home bar. If I shaped home bar, I would take some best designs below!

It is a long and wide kitchen bar design that breaks my defence first. The super open plan applied to the vibe gives awesome nuance of fresh and beautiful view. Added with skylight on the ceiling, lacking of light is no more and it is also an energy efficient design. I like it with the slim long bar table and some stools added surrounding!

A white kitchen bar is not a large idea, it is narrow but the designer opts the nuance with open plan. Only a set of white cabinetry and a small island that fill the vibe with sophistication. Thanks to the white modern stools that bring great awe to the footage!

Further, a super large kitchen bar offers more than foor and baverage, but it covers the beautiful view outdoor through the wide screen of glass window. It is just amazing to feel the zen calming nuancce bathed with soft awe!

Another kitchen design tends to be minimalist with extended kitchen bar table. Again, white stool is the one chosen for fashionable and stylish look!

Reference: www.houzz.com

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