Exelent Ideas of Reclaimed Wood Mantel

Enchanting Living Room with White Interior Design and Floral Pattern on Mantel also Vintage Model for Interior Furniture without Minimalist Ornaments Design Solutions

A reclaimed wood mantel becomes the most favorite application nowadays. As the limitation of natural resources, the use of reclaimed wood becomes an answer to be projected on your fireplace. You can use any kind of wood to design your own fireplace mantel such as oak, ebony, cedar and pine, as long as the woods are still solid and in good quality.

The reclaimed wood application can give you a unique and rustic look in your home. The roughness of its material is not really transformed, just the way it is. Although the design is simple, but it still has a place in the heart of uniqueness and rustic lover. These are examples of :

1. Hand Hewn Timber

That is the example of the wood mantel with hand hewn style. This kind of style will give you a natural look in your interior design.

2. Brown Color To Get Calm And Natural Nuance.

The beam on the fireplace uses dark brown wax, with same color furniture on it. The owner adds little combination like yellow on the vas and orange in the painting. This application gives you a calm and natural nuance.

3. Do Not Hesitate To Put The Same Tone Color Furniture

Brick fireplace combines with dark brown hand hewn mantel. Furniture above it has the same tone with the circumstances, but it doesn’t look boring. It looks so classic.

4. Hand Hewn Rustic Mantel

The wood mantel applies light brown wax with an open notch in it. Perfect ideas for you who want to give rustic nuance in your home.

5. Combine Modern Fireplace With Light Brown Wax Mantel

This is the combination of modern fireplace, stone wall and light brown wax hand hewn mantel wire brush. Seeing this, you will feel so tranquil, relax and refreshed.

6. Unbrushed Mantel To Get Natural And Rustic Nuance

A hand-hewn wood mantel without brushed. It will give you natural nuance. Besides, it is so rustic.

7. Apply Light Brown Wax On Your Mantel

Light brown wax can be a good idea. Same tone with the color of the stone fireplace, your eyes will see the calmness of this room. It gives you a unique atmosphere in your home. The application of black fireplace frame emphasized the brown color which is dominating.

8. Less Is More

It is such a simple design. This is because there is less furniture above the mantel. It is just flat television and vases above it. This is a good idea to make your room looks wide.

9. Choose thick mantel

This mantel is made from chestnut wood, completed with stone corbels. The design is very unique, because of the thickness which is unusual, and the straight cracked on its surface is not common.

10. Less Furniture Above The Mantel To Give Minimalist Look

That picture is suitable for someone who loves the simplicity and classic design. White wall, combined with dark brown wood mantel and black fireplace cover. Furniture is less and dominated by brown color. The painting above wood mantel gives a classic nuance.

Inspiring Fireplace with Perfect Combination of Black and White Color for Interior Wall with Black Panel Mantel and Wooden Panel on Firepit

11. Let It Rough

hand hewn fireplace mantel with rough appearance will give you a rustic design. Do not worry to emphasize the roughness of wood mantel, because this is one of rustic characteristic.

12. Use Hanging Boots And Pines As A Decoration To Make You Like A Hunter

This is such a classic hand hewn mantel which is completed with hanging boots, pines and deer’s head on it. Using these ornaments, you will have your own decoration name; the Hunter Theme.

13. Another Hunter Theme

This is a masonry fireplace with a light brown mantel on it. The painting of deer can be an alternative if you do not have the original head one like the n0.12 picture.

14. Live Edge Mantels

Live edge is a combination of rustic and western design. This is an incorporation of gnarly woods which cannot be used in traditional woodworking. That is why live edge is also called as a natural edge.

15. Mantel Is Not Always Square

This room applies stone fireplace with live edge log above it. The shape is different with hand hewn mantel which has a rectangular shape. This is such a cool woodworking. This is very artistic.

Modest Fireplace Concept with Glass Panel on Fire Mantel and Rustic Model of Stone Ornaments Covering Half Area of Fireplace in Classic House

16. Make Some Open Notches To Get Unique Mantel

Masonry fireplace with hand hewed mantel which has many open notches on it. This is so unique and classic.

17. Use Unfinished Live Edge Mantel And Maximize Your Creativity

This is the unfinished live edge mantel. This is suitable for you if you need a long and thick mantel woods. You can use your creativity to improve this kind of design. You can give brown color for a natural look, or another color based on your favorite.

18. Use Cedar Wood For Big And Bold Mantel

The wood mantel is made from cedar. This is suitable for you who want to recall it’s famous in early American History. Cedar wood will give you big and bold mantel.

19. Natural Look With The Irregular Shape Of Mantle Edge

The irregular shape of the edge of the wood will give you natural look in your home interior design. The application of dark brown furnishing will give you great value.

20. Perfect Furnished Mantel Will Give You A Clean Look

The natural shape of the edge looks beautiful. It is also perfectly furnished so it gives a clean impression. The color wax is also matched with the door and wall color.

21. Let The Nature Wood Pattern Beautify Your Mantel

The mantel above looks so natural because of the pattern of yearly growth rings. Fortunately, this pattern beautifies its look, added with clear furnishing which can tempt you to apply this design in your house.

22. Juniper Mantel

That is the example of juniper mantel, equipped with hand rubbed Tung oil. The circle pattern in its edge is very stunning.

23. Traditional Live Edge Mantel

This traditional live edge mantel has been excellently crafted to cover the fireplace chimney without negotiating on edge or speck detail.

24. Weathered Mantels

Weathered Mantels above is made from cottonwood log. It is put above two sided the fireplace which has two sides. Mantel Finish is set with natural style.

25. Classic Weathered Mantels

Seeing this weathered mantel can bring your imagination to the ancient house, with the smell of wet wood. Yes, that this design will give you ancient classic design.

26. Dirty White Weathered Mantel

This mantel is very vintage. In additional, the dirty look of the mantel gives an anti-mainstream look. Because of people is commonly love the clear color.

Delightful Fireplace with Ornamental Accent on White Concrete Wall Painted in White Combining Landscape Paintings and Steel Panel for Mantel


27. White And Yellow Application To Brighten Your Eyes

The color is dominated by white, with circle yellow accent above the mantel which gives extra light nuance. For you who do not like bright nuance, you can add soft color with it.

28. Choose A Gray Color For Your Gray Mantel

Weathered gray mantel will give you the natural impression. For the ornaments, it is based on your taste. Commonly, gray is the perfect match for navy blue.

Adorable Firepit Model Made of Oak Wood without Wood Varnish Combining Reclining Style with Rigid Model for Modern Mansion in Urban Area


29. Cream Color Application For Your Weathered Mantel

Weathered cream mantel with clear wax and the big frame on it. The color of weathered mantels is usually dull to emphasize the nature.

30. Weathered Mantel With Low Corbel

Cool weathered fireplace mantel with a low corbel and a pile of stone as a fireplace wall. It looks very warm yet clear look.

31. Navy Blue Will Look So Good

Cool weathered fireplace mantel with a low corbel and a pile of stone as a fireplace wall. It looks very warm yet clear look.

Enchanting Fireplace with Classic Modern for Panel on Mantel with Wooden Decoration for Fire Mantel and Ceramic Tiles for Decoration of Fire Floor

32. Unfinished Mantel Is Never Bad

The picture above shows an antique design of weathered mantel. The color is left unfinished, but the furniture above add beautiful look although the color of the mantel is unfinished.

33. Add Chandelier For A Classy Look

Weathered wood which is left unfinished and added by a chandelier above it. Adding chandelier will give you a classy look.

34. Oak Fireplace Mantel

Oak is the most common types of hardwood which are used for any kind of woodworking including wood mantels. Oak is strong and heavy, no wonder many of carpenters use it as favorite material for the mantel.

35. Maple Fireplace Mantel

Maple wood mantel above has a light color. It will give you spacious and clear nuance. Common types of maple which are use for woodworking are sugar maple and hard rock maple. Maple is shock resistance, and it is also hard.

36. Mahogany Fireplace Mantel

The picture above shows fireplace mantels inspiration. It is made from Red wood with Rectangle Shape and it is mixed with the decoration of metal frame. Mahogany has many various species and grades. Each species and grades have difference quality and price. Carribean Mahogany has the best quality. It is the strongest and hardest types. In contradiction, African Mahogany has lower quality than the Carribean. Mahogany has reddish – brown color. Using Mahogany wood mantel will make your interior design look like the Victorian style.

Fascinating Fireplace with Cracked Stone Polsihed with Glossy Shield and Wooden Shelf for Firepit without Ornaments using Mirror Decoration

37. Dark Brown Cherry Wood Mantel

The mantel looks so elegant because of the combination of color. The Dark brown mantel is combined with black granite below it. the use of big mirror above it emphasizes the elegance design.

38. White Walnut Mantel

The domination of white color will give you wide nuance and clean. White is a neutral color that can be combined with any color, but the owner chooses the soft one like light brown, cream olive green. Walnut is one of the most utilize and famous for cabinet making woods. However, it also can be used for the mantel. It grows in Asia, America, and Europe and also has many different variants. Walnut is hard, durable and strong but it is not really heavy. The finishing of walnut woodworking is very good, so it has high quality. The colors of walnut are light to dark brown. However, European walnut has a lighter color than American walnut, but the quality is not far.

39. White Color To Get The Scandinavian Style

White is never bored. The neutral tone can be combined with another color, but the owner just uses a little brown as an accent without any color with it. This is adapting Scandinavian styles. Besides, it also looks minimalist.

40. White Classic Teak Mantel

The picture above shows wonderful fireplace mantel idea with classic white teak wood, combined with big frames above the fireplace. The combination of color from the wall which is made from brick, black fireplace, and furniture will give you warm and calm nuance. The few furniture which is applied emphasizes the minimalist style in it. Teak is the good material for the mantel. It is coming from Southeast Asia, but it also found in Africa. Teak wood is very hard. As it grows older, the texture will be harder. Teak has yellow to dark brown color. It is very strong, durable and heavy, so it is very suitable for the fireplace mantel.

41. Fully Furnished To Get Neat Looks

the using of Canadian black ash. The design is a chick because of the cavity on its edge. It also fully furnished which make it look neat.

42. Simple And Minimalist Ash Wood Mantel

That is fireplace wood mantel which is made from ash. This is such a unique look because of its traditional fireplace. The wood mantel is also simple and minimalist. This is good inspiration for you who want to have an anti-mainstream design for your house. Ash is heavy and hard. Besides, the price is cheaper than the wood in with the same class.

Classic Room Heater with Aluminum Panel for Minimalist House with Wooden Firepit also Authentic Panel for Fire Block on Room with Less Furniture

43. Less Is More

Hickory wood mantel above gives minimalist nuance. Just remember that minimalist principle is “Less is More”. Hickory is one of the hardest and heaviest kinds of wood in the same class. One of Hickory species is Pecan. Hickory is commonly used for structural parts, it is needed because it is strong and thick.

Fancy Fireplace with Cracked Model of Stone Installed on Floating Panel with Rustic Model of Firepit using Glossy Finishing to Embrace White Accent of Wall

44. Beechwood Mantel

This is such a beautiful beech wood fireplace mantel. Beech is a heavy wood which hard and strong. It has the same shape with maple. This wood has reddish brown color. Beechwood is often used for turned parts, variants of bent, fireplace mantel and frames. Beech is heavy and hard. It has reddish or light brown and cream.

45. Multifunction Mantel By Using Cedar Wood

Fireplace mantels made of cedar wood. Cedar is a kind of soft wood with red brown color with light line. It has a famous aromatic scent and also can be functioned as a moth repellent. So, by using cedar wood you will not just get ordinary mantel but a moth repellent and natural perfume all at once.

46. Glamor And Elegant With Redwood Mantel

Redwood fireplace mantel. It looks so simple and natural. Redwood is suitable for mantel because it has the ability to resist from deterioration which is caused by sunlight, insect, and moisture. Redwoods are valuable and rare.

47. A Small Painting To Beautify The Look

This is another redwood fireplace mantel with minimalist design. A small flower painting gives you a fresh impression. It also has less furniture, so it feels spacious.

48. Classic Hemlock Wood Mantel

Pictures above give you ideas of rustic design from hemlock woods. The creation of corbels can give you different look. Hemlock is light wood and has the same texture. It is suitable for mantel because it has resistance to decay, so the durable is high.

49. Tempting Pine Mantel

This is pine mantel fireplace with live edge style. This looks so attractive because of well furnished. The application of color which is dominating by brown color looks so natural. However, you have to consider one thing before making pine mantel fireplace. Because of pine is not too strong wood. It will be cracked easily as time passing by.

50. Ethnic Ornaments For Ethnic Looks

Fireplace mantles use glass ornaments on it. The ornament make a unique look for your wood mantel.

Classy Firepit made of Mahogany Wood with Glossy Finishing using Crystal and Wooden Ornaments for Main Decoration on Suburbs House


51. Twisted Log Mantel

This is such a stunning and unique design. Beam wood mantel is very mainstream. You should try to apply twisted log mantel for your unique decoration. Masonry fireplace which is combined with the twisted log mantel will give you classic, rustic and unique look in your home interior design.

Rustic Fireplace with Unpolished Cracked Stone with Transparent Fire Mantel also Wooden Firepit with Unique Model and Classic Concept for Ornament


52. Crafted Mantel

Crafted mantel can be a good idea to be applied. The crafts above is quite complicated, but this can make it look elegant, added with the avant-garde furniture.

Enchanting Fireplace with Ornamental Style for Fire Mantel and Stainless Circulation with Classic Model of Firepit with Red Flower on Classic House

viaggie gyptalia

53. Weathered Wood Combines With Hand Hewn Style

This is such a simple pallets wood mantel. This mantel use weathered wood combine with hand hewn style. It looks traditional.

54. Soft Natural Color Application

This is a very calm design which applied soft natural color. It will indulgence your eyes and relax you to the max.

55. Gothic Look With Screw Shape Design

A screw shape design with dark brown and mirror as an accent will give you gothic look. The complicated carved add the stunning impression of it.

56. Simply Crafted For The Antique Mantel

Antique fireplace mantel with few crafted on it can be the choice for you who loves simplicity.

Fancy Fireplace Concept for Classic House with Ornamental Artwork on Pillar also Large Mirror Wall Installed Beneath Firepit Panel Made of Wood

viaggie gyptalia

57. Combine Hand Hewed And Live Edge Wood Mantel

It is the combination of hand hewn and live edge wood mantel. The color is left unfinished.

58. Fully Furnished Mantel With Chandelier Ornaments

A dark brown wood mantle with lows corbels. It looks luxury because of the ornaments above it. The twisted and crafted chandelier makes it elegant.

Mesmerizing Fireplace with Candle Place on Steel Ornamental and Ornamental Mantel with Concrete Construction on Firepit on Minimalist Interior

59. Green And Red Ornaments Above The Wood Mantel

The masonry fireplace is combined with dark brown mantels. It is a rustic style. As ornaments, the owner uses green and red color, as merry as in Christmas day.

Magnificent Fireplace with Unpolished Stone for Fire Mantel and Wooden Firepit for Block with Tropical Plant on Minimalist Room with Peach Interior Design


60. Use Classic Ornaments Above The Wood Mantel

Fascinating Fireplace with Rustic Model of Stone Mantel also Wooden Firepit and Rustic Model of Longue Sofa as Nook Area in Classic House

Actually, the design of the wood mantel is ordinary. The classic ornaments and painting make it become interesting.


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