Ikea Bamboo Blinds

Curtain and shades are perfect combination to décor your home window and also control the intensity of sunlight that comes to your home. There is another cool thing that you can use for your window, it is called bamboo blinds. Yes, as its name, it is like shades which are made from bamboo, not wood. Bamboo blinds will not completely close your window, its function is more like window shades, but the different is it is natural stuff.

Bamboo blinds is not limited for rustic or even classic home interior design only, but you can also use it for your modern and simple room. Bamboo blinds are also suitable to combine with any curtain type, any curtain color, and any curtain pattern design. You just need to choose two common options for bamboo blinds, thick or thin. Thick bamboo blinds will not let your room has more bright sunlight while thin bamboo blinds will give you a little bit shadow of sunlight from the outside.

Bamboo blinds need to be installed properly. Some of bamboo blinds are folded manually or automatically with pulling the rope. If you don’t want to be bothered by manually use, then you should choose bamboo blind with rope. Next question surely is where is the perfect place to find bamboo blinds? The answer is Ikea.

Ikea bamboo blinds have best quality of bamboo material of all, so it can be used not only for indoor purpose but also for outdoor like gazebo or home deck.

Reference: www.blindschalet.com

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