Ikea Bath Cabinet Invades Every Bathroom with Dignity

Decorating bathroom is now popular, and you must have new idea to make it wonderful. Furnishing bathroom doesn’t mean to always add new furniture without considering the function, but it is better if you choose one that offers you both style and function at once. If you need a fixture like this, ikea bath cabinet is the answer that you must have in the bathroom! Do you agree?

Go vintage with ikea bath cabinet! Yeah, ikea offers your the real vintage style cabinet. It looks sweet in purple tone with deep artistic pattern carved on the white surface. It gives absolute outlook to every bathroom with luxurious framed wall mirror that will reflect every inch of your body perfectly!

The next vintage cabinet appears in white color with double storage to apply. In addition, it also provides you two different sinks as well as wall mirrors. It is just adorable for you to have a shabby chic bathroom design!

A white minimalist floating ikea bath cabinet is the most popular in the year! It shares the joy of urban taste with light design and fashionable look! I like to have it in a spacious bathroom with open plan!

Further, if you like to have natural look ikea bath cabinet, choosing the one which is made of wood without finishing is the best idea. To balance the neutral look, rainbow runner rug will touch it with colorful accent.

Another simple ikea bath cabinet will cuddle you in black and white color. It floats on the white wall aside black small tile wall design that makes the bathroom even more comfortable!

Reference: www.ikea.com

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