Favorite Options for Ikea Blackout Blinds

Ikea is well knows as home furnishing manufacturer company offering products at affordable prices. Being one of many people’s favorite shopping places, their products are made with combination of design, quality, value and function. Blackout blinds are among list of Ikea’s best products. Blackout blinds are perfect window treatment option for those expecting more privacy and better sleep quality. They will provide you room darkening benefit when you have problem with proper sleep. Here are top 3 Ikea blackout blinds.

The first is the Block-out roller blind TUPPLUR coming with black, gray and white color options. With 120×195 dimensions, it is available in cordless blinds for increased child protection. The special layering of this Ikea blackout blind prevents any lights coming through the windows. It can be also mounted both inside and outside the window frame or in the ceiling. It also allows you to have customized size by cutting them to properly fit your window.

If you looking for more colorful Ikea blackout blinds then you can select Block-out roller blind DISKODANS which is available in neon blue, red beige, purple, dark blue, pink and brown. With 60×160 sizes, this is almost similar to the previous type providing light prevention and cordless blind for child security. The third option for Ikea’s blackout blinds is leaves motive Block-out roller blind DISKODANS which is available in white/light and grey/orange color choices. This blackout blinds has 120×160 size dimensions. It does not only offer practical protection from outside light but also additional decorative touch with its beautiful leaves motives which can bring more cheerful and living vibes in any rooms of your house.

Reference: realsmalllife.wordpress.com

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