IKEA Box Spring, We Need It or Not? Depends on Your Bed Type

Many people question do they need both box spring and mattress? And what are the benefits of using mattress and box spring? The raising mattress can help us to make mattress’s lifespan. In addition, we don’t need to use a box spring for a low profile bed or a sort of flat platform bed (unless you love higher mattress). A mission-style bed won’t be matched and nice if you add such a box spring.

Talking more about the box spring, there are a lot of product selections you can choose from, starting from most popular brand like IKEA box spring to smaller furniture manufactures. IKEA understands what the customers need and expect. By producing box springs and mattress foundations, the customers will have more choices to make their mattress last longer and more comfortable.

IKEA box spring and mattress foundation have capability of absorbing the weight and stress placed in bed. This makes the bed higher. The users can get in and out of bed easily. That’s okay to put these items in platform bed or other bed frame types (beds with legs). But ensure yourself that your bed frame is sturdy and strong enough to support more weight, especially the box spring and mattress foundation.

It’s optional for you to use both mattress foundation and IKEA box spring at once or just one of them. The bed will stay higher even you just use box spring and it keeps higher if you lay the mattress foundation down before the mattress. Well, to see more IKEA box spring collections, just see them in our gallery.

Reference: www.mattressnerd.com

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