Ikea Chair Idea – Vintage to Modern

What do you love the most between vintage and modern style? I personally like vintage style because for me it is closer to nature and sharing bit nuance of traditional sense. There is nothing bad about modern appeal, but it is all just about taste and preference. If you do love modern stuff, don’t worry because this post deal with ikea chair designs covering style from vintage to modern. So, there is no time to wait, just join us!

As usual, a cool white vintage chair that you can easily find in a dining space is proudly presented by ikea. It steals the nuance of scandinavian design with natural wooden legs and simple seat to backrest. To give contrast effect in a space, this chair works best than others.

If you like retro style, it is the time to replace your old chair with this weet yellow pipe chairs from ikea. Yeah, this chair is made from iron pipe and painted in yellow that blasts the interior with adorable vintage retro. Awesome!

Do you like dalmation dog? It is a lovely pet that most people always hunt in the pet shop, but now you can have it right on the white dalmation upholstered ikea chair idea. it is just lovable to sit on with various detail coloring the fabric in black dots.

If you once ever see a white wire chair or even the black one, then you must have met a stunning ikea chair. Nothing but refined wire that makes this chair even more valuable together with the artistic side as well as the eco-friendly spirit brought!

Reference: www.ikea.com

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