IKEA Home Bar Ideas That are Perfect for Entertaining

Designing a home bar idea seems to be a great way to provide an entertaining space in your home. Some of you probably think that it is not easy to build it. Don’t be such pessimistic! Here are several guides for you how to design home bars IKEA in a very simple way.

First of all, you need to focus on the theme or the design of the pub. There are various themes you can apply; such as a pub, tiki bar or chic lounge.

To create an inviting and traditional atmosphere in your pub, you can use dark wood accents in flooring or wall covering. Then, arrange some upholstered stools that have striking and contended designs.

Then, if you are attracted to build a tiki bar, you need to display a trached roof because it is considered as the most iconic element of tiki bar. For the furniture, it is better for you to choose a wooden bar cabinet in a basic finish. For the flooring, you can consider choosing bamboo flooring as it can be a nice complement. The bamboo stools are also preferable for its seating. Don’t forget to hang pendant lamps in tropical schemes such as red, orange, or blue.

For those who choose an ultra chic bar, the white scheme is the best option for it. As you can see in Miami’s super chic hotels and bar, the white scheme mostly dominates the space. In this case, you can display a sand colored wood floor and white painted walls. Don’t forget to present a warm ambiance by hanging a white chandelier on the ceiling.

If you have a plan to build a bar in your home, you can see the various designs of home bars Ikea in this article.

Reference: ikea.com

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