Ikea Tulip Table

Modern room needs modern furniture, especially furniture with elegant style. A room will not be a room if it doesn’t have suitable furniture with the same theme, especially your dining room. Minimalist and small dining room usually consist of two or three chairs with the table. What kind of table that you have to choose? Try this one, simple, beautiful, elegant, and absolutely gorgeous, tulip table.

You may never hear about tulip table before because not many people know this kind of cool table. Tulip table has round shape and slim base, it looks like tulip flower, that’s why it is called tulip table. Most of tulip table are available in white color, because white color will make it looks really modern and elegant. If you prefer to have another color of tulip table, there is also tulip table with black color which is available on Ikea.

Ikea is one of great furniture market to find tulip table. Ikea tulip table will not only give you awesome table design, but also best amazing decoration through furniture for your room. If you have big dining room and need big tulip table too, Ikea will offer you their best big tulip table size as you need. Make your tulip table as the first thing that you want to show to your guest by creating focal point furniture.

Decor your room with more dark color than the tulip table, so the table can be seen clearly. But if you choose black tulip table, then you have to make things around it looks lighter than the table. That is color playing design in the room if you want to display one thing as a focal point.

Reference: www.apartmenttherapy.com

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