In-Ground Fire Pit: Risks and Tips

Perhaps, just few home owners have interest to install in-ground fire pit to back/ front yard. This kind of fire pit shows the fire underground. It gives amazing look in which the flames burst out from the Earth. The fire blaze offers an optical visual effect that can keep breathtaking on the darkness of night. It is actually easy to build an in-ground fire pit. You just need to dig out a hole in the ground. The process of building an in-ground fire pit is not as complicated as a fire brick pit that must be mounted into a patio.

Yet, it needs extra attention if you are interesting to have an in-ground fire pit in your outdoor/ semi-outdoor home area. There are some risks, especially for everything above the ground. The flame can leap high to reach out overhanging branches of the tree. Another risk of using such kind of fire pit is the possibility of burning case due some burning embers that fly away and high to land on combustible materials. And the most dangerous risk is the children or pets can fall down on underground fire pit.

To minimize and prevent all those risks, here are some tips of how to build an in-ground pit successfully. First, be sure that you have chosen the location at least twenty feet from overhanging trees, structures, or shrubbery.

Second, check and re-check the local regulation for the back/ front yard to make sure that your new underground fire pit installation is legal. Third, most landscapers suggest that the base of in-ground pit at least should be 6 to 12 inches below the grade. A deeper underground fire pit, warmer it will be. It is also required to build fireside structure as the safety built.


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