In Ground Fire Pit Design Juggles Cold Outdoor into a Warm Space to Hang Out

Open plan design opens the connectivity between indoor and outdoor pretty well. However, it seems like there is nothing could cost the joy of the real nature. Of course you cannot steal the swinging breeze of the outdoor space. Therefore, an outdoor living space still offers the better nuance to hang out! And, in ground fire pit takes a part to make it a comfortable living to laugh with others.

To end every day with joyful nuance, you need a cool space to share the good memories. Livable spot in the outdoor is the best answer from all. Seating and in ground fire pit complete the moment for more comfortable nuance. Concrete bench with blue bolster must be a luxurious seating with various cushions added. Further, the fire pit itself looks great with metal place above the concrete patio.

Then, if you live near of pine forest, it must be beneficial for you. Outdoor seating beneath pine trees of course gives different nuance with other. It shares fresh smell of the tree as well as the chirping birds. Double natural stone bench are the seating while the in ground fire pit looks good in stunning pot shaped design.

Taking the space near house is also best. Just build concrete patio in your backyard. Add two rattan chairs facing each other. Then, an in ground fire pit will flame aside beneath concrete partition of small garden. Isn’t it a perfect spot to hang out? I guess, you all love these ideas!


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