Classic and Modern Design of In Ground Fire Pit

You probably build your house at cold area such as near mountain, then you must need to build something for warming the environment. In this case, you may build such a fire pit outside your house. There are some concepts of fire pits building, in this case you would rather choose the simple one which is called in ground fire pit. In order to build this fire pit, you just need to dig up the land.

Most of fire pits have round shaped and it is not too big. For example, we can see the picture showed, there is a nice fire pit which is built in ground. This fire pit is quite small with round shaped. In addition, the flooring concept around the fire pit uses rock concrete wall design. In order to ignite the pit, you just need put some woods and burn them on the fire pit. Let us compare with the other pit design which has simple concept. This pit is just the same as the first sample, however this fire pit is completed with some chairs for sitting. When the winter comes, you can enjoy your cold day by igniting the pit and sit around it.

Or you can also build your fire pit around your green grass at your garden. This pit has function only for decorating the garden. However, it can still be ignited with some woods. This fire pit design is quite simple though. In order to build this kind of pit, you just need to dig up a small pit and the use brick to build the pit wall and add some nice rocks around the pit to build the floor. You can also make it larger, then you can add some benches or chairs around the pit. Well, that is it, now you can build your own fire pit at your home garden.

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