Nice Concept for Indoor Tree Planter Box

You have a hobby to collect some plants to keep them at home. Then, you are afraid of destruction, so you may put the plants inside the house. However, you cannot plant the plants inside the house except you put them on the planter box.Therefore, in this case you need such a indoor tree planter box to keep your plants inside the house. How does it look like anyway? Let us the explanation in this article.

For example, you like to keep a orange tree inside the house, and you plant it since it is a little, so you need such a small planter box. You can see in the picture, there is a white small planter box with round shape. This planter box is made of metal. Instead of orange tree, you may keep kind of green plants for interior home decoration. In this case, you use plastic made planter box with green color. This box has round shape as well with nice green design.

Perhaps, you would like to decorate you living room with such a big plant. Let us see the sample in the picture, the big plants are put on the white planter box. However, the planter box used is not like the other design, this uses granite design and it is embedded with the floor. So, even though the tree is getting bigger, it will not fall down anyway. This concept is kind of modern concept for modern house decoration.

If you do not want to spend much money to buy such a planter box, you use unused cup in the kitchen. Choose the the bigger cup or maybe it can use small jar. However, this DIY planter box is only for small plant like flowers. You can put it inside the house, but do not forget to place close to the window, so that the plants get sun light.


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