13 Industrial Dining Room Design Ideas

Along with the variety of home design ideas, this recent years, industrial style has gained much popularity. The term ‘industrial’ in home design has long been inferred to the accentuation of sharp lines and old-factory style. A principal feature of the ‘industrial’ design is the contrastive items complemented one another to form engaging collaborative look. Numerous contemporary designers have worked to adapt industrial design to be well-worked in any interior design, and in this case, is the dining room.

To feature the industrial design that may cope with your dining room, three basics materials: metal, wood, and brick, should be implemented as the major elements. Taken the inspiration from the era of industrial-revolution, those primary mismatched components will integrate into one interesting texture yet still brings out each own characteristics. This well-fitted combination has been successful in catching people’s attention, no wonder that this industrial design has been fancied to create exceptional design in the dining room.

Mostly, in designing the industrial dining room house owners will opt for bricks as the backdrop to add special accent into the space, featured with metal frame windows or metal pendant lamps or any types of lighting fixtures. Ensure that the selection of the color scheme for the lighting is in accordance with other ornamentations. The wood element in the dining room is used for the dining units, dining table or dining chair. Pick out the rustic wooden element instead of varnished furniture to maintain the natural features of each basic material. Be free to experiment with the style by choosing the right décor and embellishments to pop the entire dining room look.

reference: houzz.com

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