Industrial: Keep in Beauty within Heavy and Rough Appearance

worn like couch in yellow wood top industrial coffee table exposed brick walls barely concrete floors and walls Pinterest

When thinking about the industrial style, you will relate it with these values: brick wall, urban loft, metal or iron finish, and likely Restoration Hardware’s furniture; and what else things to make the house as cool as the real industrial one? Just scroll down this page to get to know about this.

Industrial style means a past with trendy elements. Many people actually get wrong about this style. They think that industrial style is new as fresh as millennial things, but actually industrial is inspired from back 20th century. It appears when European factories close down (at the end of second-wave Industrial Revolution) and there are so many ex-industrial areas function as the living space. That’s why the style uses heavy materials like steels, irons, woods, and bricks as the main materials of the construction.

Industrial style doesn’t love softness, warmth, and intimacy in a design, but it has a powerful character. You can see on how heavy materials fill in room. You’ll find the space dominated by solid and heavy interior pieces such as rough ceilings, exposed beams and pipes, bare walls, brick walls, etc.

The style means to combine the old concept with the new one. The picture, for instance, visually feels so vintage but the others are so modern. This is, of course, unique and never fit any other styles.

Industrial is also identical with particular looks: open-concept space, huge windows, and neutral palettes. This clearly makes the space modern and sleek, while the exposed pipes and bricks, and vintage furniture differentiate the style from minimalist and stark appearance.

Most designers agree that the industrial furniture closely look worn and dark. Worn finish means classic, they add. The color palettes tend to be dark with heavy wood/ metal furniture and leather couches.

leather couch with black throw pillows industrial style pendants metal base dining chairs white dining table large glass windows whitewashed wood ceilings with exposed wood beams


Whether you buy the new furniture or the second-hand one, industrial furniture displays the accent from particular era. Make the old bar stools, factory cabinets, and antique lamps as your accent of  room.

When talking about the texture, roughnes becomes the winner. Industrial style keeps all things rough and worn. Texture can come from industrial’s materials like bricks, concretes, steels, and other metal kinds; and this is believed as the warm maker that works well without any textiles assistance.

If you want a bit softness, just add a vintage rug or washed textiles to your industrial room.

industrial living room idea modern leather couch modern fireplace black brick walls exposed wood beams and ceilings glass windows with black trims


The open-concept idea is trully felt in industrial style and it commonly uses large cabinetry or screen as the room divider. This means some furniture pieces are roled as the ‘wall’ – making the space as opened as possible. Well-lighted room assisted by the large windows is also the next industrial’s criterion.

You may add the ornate pieces like these modern pendants that visually fit the concept, industrial. Both tone and model are quite into industrial style.

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