Industrial-Rustic Interior Ideas for Masculine, Heavy, and Warm Look In Homes

window trims like wooden wall decor idea gray velvet sofa in midcentury modern style earthy brown velvet armchair vintage area rug round top coffee table in different size Pinterest

Just few people love a heavy-look interior of home, and I’m just one of them. I really love gray produced by raw materials like concrete, stone, and even brick coated with gray finish. It looks natural, masculine, and bold. Leather, wooden, and black metal are commonly paired with this tone, and house plants are best vivid focal point for this style. The final word, I may define this an industrial-rustic interior style. Join with me to see more ideas of industrial-rustic style maybe you wanna apply to your next project.

gray washed brick walls gray floors shabby area rug earthy brown velvet armchair a cluster of round coffee table


The armchair is my concern. It’s covered in velvet finish and the earthy brown blends perfectly with the whole setting, instantly adding visual warmth to the space. It also becomes the perfect complementary piece for this cluster of coffee table.

Shabby yellow cabinet can be a direct focal point to add a vintage-rustic accent. Based on the color, it’s vividly interesting and be most striking piece of furniture in this living room. No need color accent to this space.

Jute-covered pillows. Garnished in multicolored jute cover, the pillows surely can suit for any room design, including my favorite industrial-rustic.

So stylish and full of fun colors. Big jute throw here steals my heart. Obviously, it’s just an accent, but it exactly matches with the potted house plants.

Hanging wall decor and headboard – two different items successfully grab my personal interest. Macrame hanging wall decor here is the actual Boho touch in this bedroom, and it goes perfectly with the existing green colors. The headboard is the real rustic; it’s exposing the natural stains commonly found in raw wooden. Lovely!

potted house plants dark wood TV console vintage area rug round top coffee tables in different size earthy brown pouf


Vivid house plants are the best options for adding a fresh focal point if you won’t use fabricated & expensive ones. They’re easy to manage and to maintain. They’re also the instant zen-feel maker for any room designs. Just consider to choose the rights pots for these beautiful greens.

It’s important to think about what kind of wall decor we want to choose for. Like in this idea, the homeowner picks the wooden wall decor shaped like the wooden window’s trims. It’s genius as it blends well with the grand theme: industrial-rustic. Based on tone, this wall decor isn’t overwhelmed against the walls.

multicolored floor pillows and ottoman low profile coffee table made of wooden lots of house plants loveseat with mint green cushions


It’s so impressive! Exposing a mixed furniture in one frame like in this picture. You can choose an ottoman or floor pillows over the chairs for more relaxed seating area. Complete the seating area with a low-profile coffee table and enjoy different sensation.

Gray-painted concrete wall bring modern feel due to it’s clean look and smooth-surface. Modern look is also supported by the furniture choice, but here I find an interesting item, the area rug, definitely adds a vintage touch to this living room.

Admittedly, this living room is full of fabulous things inclung the furniture choice, walls with textural tone, and a pencil shading-technique painting. I personally say that both walls and wall decor looks cohesive and balanced.

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