Inspirations of Interiors to Support Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

eco friendly kitchen design with wood top kitchen island bar stools with tufted upholstery mute blue kitchen cabinets white subway tile backsplash Pinterest

If you are interesting in making a positive change like starting an eco-friendly lifestyle, it’s nice to start over with an eco-friendly home decorating idea. Fortunately, there is growing a huge numbers of home designers and architects who’re focusing on the sustainability and environment. You can also get more inspirations from blogs or websites where you can find lots of photos of eco-friendly interior/ exterior designs probably you want to adopt. To see more details about the designs, let’s check this out.

Wood elements and greenery additions are helpful to create an eco-friendly concept in this kitchen design. At least the kitchen has involved the nature into a home decorating idea. To make it modern look, just design it clean lines and simple. Oak and gray also take a big contribution in gaining sustainability.

Go to rustic – this is also an instant way to gain an eco-friendly concept through home decorating idea. With black iron finish in some interior elements like the lighting fixtures, they definitely add a modern style.

Light wood featuring limestone give the highlights of eco-friendly concept and this is well applied in this minimalist-modern bathroom. The design exactly offers luxury as well as simplicity that can support a good living. Look at the whole interior; the natural light naturally gets in the room through the clear glass window, providing a sufficient lighting in room; it can save the energy for conventional lighting fixtures.

An eco-friendly retreat has been implemented in this room. The fireplace, for instance, is designed as effective as possible for an eco-friendly concept and the designer tries to choose the traditional fireplace instead of the electric modern one, but the most interesting one is the physical design of that fireplace that’s visually exposing the modern and futuristic look. What a great innovation.

This is an inspiration of minimalist living room design with eco-friendly elements like flat woven rug, woven pouffe, and natural wood chair. We all know that all these elements are recyclable and affordable, so these are so recommended for you guys who want to start an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Eco-friendly concept can also be implemented by building such a beautiful vertical greenery installation. Red brick walls here blend well with the series of burnt clay pots plus the greenery, giving an optimal look of fresh and sustainable interior décor style.

What a great design! An interior staircase in modern industrial style accentuated with interior garden installation. This is so refreshing when walking in this staircase while enjoying freshly vivid houseplants growing up on these concrete planters.

This adorable Bohemians bedroom is so inspiring. I love how the designer adds the bed canopy and string lamps to the bed. They make the bed glamorous and sparkling. The green vines, either growing up on the round wall art or in the reused crates, add the natural vibe as well as fresh maker to this bedroom.

Simply with white hexagon tile floors, pure white brick backsplash, and herringbone oak countertop, this laundry room is more than comfort. Such a fabulous room can be the next favorite spot where you can get much fresh air from the opened glass sections on the window.

Maybe the designer adopts the real jungle as the main theme of this cool Bohemian bedroom. There is a lot of green vines growing up, creating a refreshing accent to this space. The wooden elements here also support the natural vibe that creates a special character in this room.

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