Inspirations of Wood Accent for Modern Homes

reclaimed wood headboard and nightstand crisp white cotton duvet and shams dark gray walls wall sconce with reclaimed wood stand Pinterest

When you ask what kind of basic material for home you love the most, I exactly wanna say the organic wooden. Wooden finish can turn any interiors and exteriors of home into the warmer that visually leads to a homey and comfy living space. I’ve decided to focus on wooden finish in my article today since I just wanna to show you that wooden can be best alternative for aesthetically improving all interiors and exteriors through the exposed wood accents added to those spaces. With these wood accent additions, interiors and exteriors would be fresher and more special. Lastly, the wood accents can visually be helpful to give a calming and moody nuance.

Well, to respond your curiosity about the wood accents for homes, here I’ll share ten best ideas of inspiring wood accents that can fit any home styles. Join us now and be ready to get inspired.

What a beautiful! The whole space is clean, bright, and minimalist with dark wood accent wall. The wood finish here clearly separates the space into two different areas, clean white space and wooden ‘box’ with the bathroom essentials including the bathtub. The glass windows with black trims steal my heart; they allow us to expand the nicest visuals outside.

It’s lovely to complete your reading nook with wood accent like this one. The wood finish is obviously coating the floor, wall, and ceiling as if they form a wood ‘box’ of space with a large glass window as its front. Furnish this space with a simple and practical piece of furniture like the beanbags that always offer you an informal and relaxing seat.

Very clean and minimalist with wood finishing on floors and stairs. It’s a fact that all wood finishes work perfectly with contemporary and modern homes. The finishes bring natural and modern touches as well.

I think the black window trims here effectively help all elements in this living room stand out, including the wood finish.

I get two pieces of contemporary statements in this room, free-standing mirror and wooden stool. Both are so stunning and complete each other. The designer puts these two pieces of statements side by side by purpose: to show up to the viewers that they just see a couple of dramatically beautiful statements in room.

This light wood nightstand, as the essential of bedroom, of course has important role, but a cluster of framed wall arts here are perfectly completing this furniture.

Putting the wood accent as the inner frame of bathroom wall mirror sounds great and unique. It’s rare to try out. Even, this accent can create a beautiful effect when the mirror reflects back the whole wood finish.

Black wood finish featuring dark wood – they’re visually contradictive but super-bold in visual. I like all bold things as they can add beautiful contrast against all interior pieces, particularly the whites.

Really love this reclaimed wood headboard and nightstand. They’re beautifully dark, visually making the cotton shams and duvet contradictive in beautiful way.

I guess the homeowner love including the wood accent wall in the bedroom. It might add natural vibe that visually can give natural look.

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