Inspiring Bay Window Designs for Multifunctional, Well-Ventilated, And Lighted Space In Home

asymmetrical bay window with full glass window built in wood bench seat and black cushion and pillows Pinterest

One of best tricks to a ventilated and open room is generally started with a huge amount of natural light. Whenever it is (kitchen, bedroom, family room, or even entry hall), the bay window plays double function, as the space for adding extra illumination and as the statement maker. The perfect location also determines the function. A bay window near the kitchen, for instance, looks gorgeous for a cozy breakfast nook, etc. Luckily, today I would like to share ten best ideas of bay window designs that probably meet your next bay window projects. To reveal more details of each design, let’s start to check them out.

Feels like in paradise. A window seat as well as a reading nook – this is a perfect combination for book lovers. Maybe they can take hours just to sit here with their favorite books. Supported with well-lighted space, cozy cushion and pillows, and clean-look bookshelves, I’ll say this is the most ideal spot to have fun reading.

What a glam! A breakfast nook located in huge bay window. I think this is a brilliant idea to optimize the spare space for a functional one. Finished in light wood for ‘frame’, this breakfast nook looks like a special space with different concept of design (thematic space).

window seat with gray cushion and pillows wood finish wall glass windows and under storage solution


So homey. A family room created by combining low and high-price elements. I focus more on the window seat furnished with the built-in bench seat and under storage solution. The space looks like a wooden cube filled with comfy seat and pillows. The cube is also getting extra natural light from these two glass windows. A stylish wall lamp also be best alternative for lighting need at night.

Extra large bay window for seating area. The base of bay window tends to be larger, providing more space for any use including as a tea-room or  a lazy sitting zone. This space has extraa wooden floors plus several under storage that effectively accommodate the seat and storage space needs.

small tea room in bay window a couple of floor pillows small table


It’s always fun to have such a great tea-room design. Built in a large bay window, this tea-room is higher, providing a cozy space to sit and to enjoy the hot tea at romantic noon. Just furnish the space with minimal furniture set such as a small table and a couple of floor pillows.

Unlike the previous one, this bay window is designed in lower profile. Wooden planks cover up all inner parts of bay window, showcasing more natural finish against the outer white-painted concrete frame. It’s awesome because this displays an obvious border between the inner and outer part, seeming like they are different space in the room. It also means that this bay window is intentionally made as a seating nook.

Wanna feel peaceful in your home? Just build such a cozy seating area in your bay window. Supported with huge glass windows and light wood frame, the bay window will provide you a well-lighted space with nicest view outside. The wooden element here also brings natural appeal that offers visual warmth to the space. The built-in bench seat plus foamy black cushion of course provide lot of comfort, as if it brings you to an expensive and luxurious lounge. And the asymmetrical frame here gives uniqueness to this modern interior.

If you need a cozy and practical space to watch your kids playing or studying, this bay window design looks so perfect for you. The bay window is located near the kids’ zone and furnished with simple supporting comfort makers like leather cushion on bench’s top, cowhides, and some throw pillows. Here, you can feel the coziest spot for getting your lazily days while having fun with your kids.

A conventional bay window in bathroom. It’s a good experience if you have such a comfy and well-lighted bathroom. With dramatic curtains addition, the space seems glam. Utilized with a classic white bathtub at the center of space, the space is visually perfect. A woven rug and mini tree-like side table of course add personal attractiveness.

This is a showcase of the most minimal ‘bay window’ design. Consisting of a full-covered glass panel window that’s directly connected to the ceiling, this modern minimalist bay window beautifully shows the most unique one, allowing us to visually access the side and top view through the same window. Creative.

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