Inspiring Breakfast Nook Designs, Extra Dining Space with High Style & Function

beach style breakfast nook idea white round shaped dining table Scandinavian styled chairs in blue tropical houseplant decorative surfing board terracotta tiled floors modern pendants Coastal Living

Breakfast nook idea is a perfect way to add an extra space nearest the kitchen. The space commonly consists of a package of smaller dining furnishing pieces, including the table. It’s better to complete the furniture with the coziest and most functional table for an effective serving spot. If you also like the stylish ones, that’s okay to include those in your breakfast nook. Get the ideas of breakfast nook tables that bring highly stylish as well as functional design and start to get inspired.

Size isn’t a matter. Place linen over your table to get a dramatic look. Select the matched color scheme for more cohesive output. The black wrought iron chairs, for instance, seem so matched with this setting. Put these furnishings upfront of a recessed buffet for a classic breakfast nook. Perfect!

Keep your breakfast nook natural with wood element. Table becomes the targeted object available in wood finishing. To make the table excessively obvious, feature it with fabricated furnishings & complementary interior items like this wonderful wallpaper.

Look at the whole interior idea; it nearly fits the concept, a beach-style breakfast nook. It’s dominated by white and blue, and it has a tropical houseplant as the accent. A surfing board here also depicts how the homeowner really loves beach. Terracotta-tiled floors here are out of box, but they’re still the most matched base for such a wonderful interior.

Really love the color combination; it showcases the dark and bright schemes in one frame, producing a classic contrast in room. Take a look at the table; the larger glass surface brings elegance as well as a comfy space for serving lots of dishes & drinks. The table’s base, in addition, looks so classic with the glossy dark finishing. It’s clever to complete the table with such chair slipcovers. Brilliant!

A tiny table seems so gorgeous for such a corner breakfast nook. It’s save the space. The rest of space could be used for additional furniture like this hall console table, and about the seats, L-shaped bench sounds so perfect for most corner seating areas.

A custom breakfast nook idea. The space looks like a hidden spot enclosed by a curved-ceiling. The furniture pieces are the customized ones, made of particular material & design. The color really enhance the clear-look & modernity. A good spot for fun & relaxed moments with the lovely ones.

Look so fresh, clean, and simple with such a fun color. Yes indeed, the green offers new energy through its vivid color scheme. The homeowner selects the wood element here to support more the existed natural look in this space.

Really space-efficient! You can maximize your smallest space of kitchen for such a small yet functional breakfast nook. Set a table up, and add a pair of bar stools for a comfy seating area. Nearest the window is the best spot for placing this breakfast nook. Why? Of course, the owner would enjoy the nicest views while having meals here.

It’s unique; furnish your breakfast nook with this fabulous table. Uncommon table highlights the space with its design. The glass finishing covers up the wood surface, making it easier to clean up and prettier in look. About the seat, the designer prefers a L-shaped & floated bench to provide more space on bottom, so you can feel cozier during breakfast.

This is amazing breakfast nook. The whole furniture is floating, remaining much vacant space at base, providing a cozier space for the users’ legs while enjoying the deliciousness of meals in the most perfect spot. The larger glass window here is designed as similar as a bay window exposing the nicest savanna outside this cabin.

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