Inspiring Pedestal Sink Designs for Practical & Save-Space Fixture with Classic Touch

light gray walls white pedestal sink with faucet white toilet gray patterned tiles floors Decor Pad

Pedestal sink can be the best choice for small bathroom. It offers functional design as well as save the space. Based on design, it basically comes in classic Victorian but now there are many more designs provided for accommodating users’ need especially those that fit the most recent trends of interior design.

Pedestal sink can also be used for bathrooms where the storage space isn’t the main concern like in powder room and guest bathroom. If you’re curious about the best design I want to share, let’s take a look at ten inspiring ideas of pedestal sink below.


If you have an empty corner space in your bathroom and don’t know what the best to fill it, a corner pedestal sink is the solution. This type of pedestal sink allows opening up amount of space on left & right sides and makes the corner looks great. Thank to these twin windows that obviously make the space dramatically windy by their opened window panels.

Gaston corner sink – this pedestal sink is smaller than other pedestal sinks, really recommended for space-limited bathrooms. It will be a statement if you feature it with contrasted color hues like these blue tiles walls. The sink will be much prettier by its high contrast.


The pedestal’s color creates soft contrast against the walls, making it so stunning in room. We’re surprised with the tile choice which exposes more on modern patterns. So unique!

This pedestal sink from Royal provides square-shape sink design. Such design of course fits all modern bathrooms.


Black flower wallpapers work perfectly with minimal and clean pedestal sink. The collaboration keeps a visual interest for both pedestal and wallpaper in maximum way.

Bring your ultra modern bathroom to quite vividly life with this ultra-tiny pedestal sink. It’s just around 11 inch size but offers functionality and style. Its clean white makes a statement when featured such warm-toned walls.

Dark-finished faucet gives huge impact to overall sink look; it’s a contrast but blends completely with clean white sink. The whole design keeps showcasing a stylish & modern look to bathroom.

Yes, it’s optional to complete your bathroom with a pedestal sink to save much of space, but it would be better if you choose one that can boost up your bathroom design.

Bright yet full of pattern. This idea is brilliant for those who love lightly bright scheme fills in room and simple patterns accentuate the floors. The patterns here don’t simply stand out but visualize a cohesive color scheme.

Are you searching for clean, classic, and practical bathroom? The existence of pedestal sink exactly helps a lot to get your dream bathroom. Its simple and effective-space quite fits the smaller bathroom, and the color simply brings clean look, apparently matching with existed white pallet wainscotings. I personally like the lighting effect that can give the visual warmth to this room.

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