10 Inspiring Live Work Spaces Ideas

Working from home is so relaxing and fun because you do not have to wear suits or other formal attire, and you also do not have to face bad traffic jam in the morning. moreover, you can wear your slipper and pajama while working.

Some people may have live-work space because they feel more comfortable to work at home than office, or some people cannot afford rent or buy another building or room to work. No matter what the reason is, live-work space must be created as comfortable as possible. The comfort can be achieved by creating a room that will not be disturbed by your children or guests. It means that the live-work space should be separated from other room and quiet enough to keep your focus. You can create a special room behind your house or at the upstairs, or you can combine the work space with another room, but make sure you use panel to split between rooms. The panel can be made from board or just curtain.

Moreover, your live-work space should be created based on your personal preference. If you love natural materials, you can install wood flooring and put wood shelves, wood desk and chair. If you love bright room, then install big windows or skylights to let much sunlight get into your work space. You can also play with various bright colors the walls or the furniture, such as yellow, red, and blue. If you still lack of ideas, you can get inspirations from some work places, such as open studio in Seattle, Artistic Community in Santa Cruz, Live-in Gallery in Pittsburgh, and Converted Mill Gallery in Ontario.

reference: houzz.com

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