Interior Case Design: Well-Designs Interiors You Need to Adopt for Next Home Renovations

simple seating corner a couple of light wood chairs with woven back wooden side table vivid houseplant on pot Oracle Fox

Need a new reference of a charming, warm, and peaceful home? In this opportunity, I would like to share about some spots of most inspiring interiors I’ve taken from several well-designed hotels and houses in the world. From this, you can adopt all interiors, furnishings, or even layouts that meet your dream. Hopefully, they can inspire you especially when getting start to renovate your home. Let’s check this out.

bed with wood canopy white bedding treatment wood board floors white curtains

Oracle Fox

The bedroom simply reflects the simplicity. Just with clean-lined bed frame plus wood canopy, the bed offers much of comfort. You can spend the hours here while relaxing. Supported by the best linens, you’ll find what the true comfort is. The canopy here also a key source of classic lux in this space.

small part of bedroom with exposed curtains in white wood floors

Oracle Fox

This is just a few part of room where we’ll find the main bedroom. The angle shows a well-lighted space enclosed by a dramatic curtain. The most interesting is the way of the curtain flows over the floors. It’s so beautiful.

simple seating corner a couple of light wood chairs with woven back wooden side table vivid houseplant on pot

Oracle Fox

How the designer manages the chairs’ position is so perfect. Each item is angled with a wooden side table as the center. The exposed furnishings are simply designed in mid-century modern style. The designer chooses light wood as the furnishing source due to its tone that’s relatively minimalist (as what the layout does).

open concept living room with staircase as background modern cushions in gray vivid flowers in glass pot concrete ceilings concrete floors

Oracle Fox

An open-concept living room is the most favorite for large numbers of modern homes and this one takes a classic staircase as the background of seating area. The staircase looks so graceful with the gate, and modern gray cushions greatly furnish the space. Don’t forget about the room statement. This glass-potted flower is successfully acting as a vivid statement.

Get the coziest snuggling room in such simple and minimalist bedroom. The space is dominated by light wood color and fresh white, and these tones automatically bring the nuance of natural warmth. No need more pillows or comforter, this space has provided the true comfort for napping.

What a surprise! You must really want to know what the cushion is. It’s uniquely built from a permanent concrete bench with additional foams in the middle and the armrests on either side. We all know that the seating area is supported with fluffy foam complete with bumpy backrest leaning on wall. We also find a planter obviously connected to one of concrete blocks of armrest.

All furnishings are managed in modern style, but few of these interior items are still involving the natural sources like the wood element as applied for this working desk. Take a look at the desk’ design. It’s clean-lined and functional – really meets what modern style wants to show up.

Mix furnishings in minimalist interior. There are just furnishings only; just a few accessories are put there. This shows that the designer really prioritizes the function for each item. Wood element obviously gives a color accent as well as natural appeal in this fresh white interior. So modern.

Natural motifs of marble definitely give the color accent to this walk-in shower – becoming the prettiest spot in this plainly white interior. The glass use here clearly expresses the homeowner’s modern personal style.

There are so many things to be expressed when talking about the simplicity of furnishings and interiors, and it’s clear to see on this picture. In this space, we’ll find some furnishings and interior properties made of natural material especially wooden. When all these elements are fit, there is a ‘heaven’ offering coziness and aesthetic design brought by each of them.

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