Interior-Exterior Timber Cladding Texture for Trendy & Naturally Textured Look

wood planks shaped in herringbone patterns rocking chair with gray cushion Pinterest

It’s always amazing to choose the wall treatments for both interior and exterior of home. Like other people, we surely want to get the best look simply from the wall treatment we’ve chosen. There are many options of wall treatments provided and timber cladding is just one of the most recommended ones. It’s very attractive and actually gives the texture. More interestingly, timber cladding wall paneling is durable and visually adds a natural finish that’s simple and of course renewable and reusable. Well, to give you more ideas of timber cladding wall paneling, here we’ll share the best ten of timber cladding wall paneling for interiors and exteriors. Let’s check them out.

This timber cladding panel plays as the accent wall for the attic’s exterior. It stands out the top area, previewing the organic wood material collaborated with clean white brick exterior walls. So inspiring.

Really modern and elegant in black. The exterior wall exactly consists of big timber cladding panel painted in all-black. Such exterior idea, in visual, offers bold and dramatic look, also exposes a contradictive look against the interior settings and landscape.

Love the simplest yet natural finish for your exterior walls? Maybe the organic wood cladding texture fits your personal option. Installed in vertical, these wood cladding panels seem like a wood fence installation coating the whole exterior area, but not the light ventilations including the glass door and windows. The designer lets these windows and door exposed with their significantly bold black frames.

Very inspiring, an outdoor kitchen idea with timber cladding finish for walls. I personally can say that this is a genius way to create a semi-private kitchen where we can still visually access everything happens outside only through these wood panels. This also gives privacy through such a creative wood cladding installation.

Unlike the previous wood cladding wall ideas, this one is more textural and artsy. This could potentially be an accent wall for any rooms, including the kitchen.

So artsy, wood cladding wall idea with geometric patterns. Amazingly, this accent wall creates a beautiful visual effect; it also gives a textural and modern touch to any rooms. It looks like a wood mosaic tiles installation on walls.

Wood planks designed by Inhabit are installed in herringbone pattern. Visually, it’s warm and natural in look, very recommended for a modern, natural, and aesthetic hit to any interior styles.

Half-way wood cladding wall can also become another best alternative to insert a bit of natural touch to the room. This Scandinavian bedroom, for example, gets the different style with this half-way wood cladding wall addition.

Wood cladding floor can also be tried out to any interior styles, including such a bright home. Supported with vintage furniture pieces, the whole space is eclectic and chic simply with white dominance.

wood cladding wall idea with obvious texture and wood color greenery in black pot midcentury modern wood chair


This is a big dose of stylish wood cladding wall idea. It gives a new inspiration of modern wood cladding installation. With obvious texture and natural wood color, this accent wall clearly adds warmth and ultimate style to any rooms.

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