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bright bedroom design with slanted wall and ceiling white bedding treatment wood plank floors modern area rug in black white some greenery Pinterest

Small Kitchen Design With Tribal Pattern Runner Breakfast Nook
Modern Living Room With Boho Touch Gray Sofa With Tan Pink Throw Pillows Round Top Coffee Tables With Angled Legs Round Shaped Flat Woven Area Rug Some Greenery
Bright Bedroom Design With Slanted Wall And Ceiling White Bedding Treatment Wood Plank Floors Modern Area Rug In Black White Some Greenery
Small Sitting Area With Daybed With Drawers Underneath Small Chair In White Round Top Side Table Some Greenery
Boho Style Bedroom With Platform Bed Frame With Ornate Drapery In White White Bedding Treatment With Pompom Round Shaped Shag Rug In White Some Greenery
Modern Bedroom With White Bedding Treatment Rustic Style Bench Bed Worn Out Runner Dark Wood Bedside Table
Warm And Neutral Toned Bedroom Idea Wood Bed Frame With Wider Stripe Headboard Shag Pillows In White Orange Bed Linen
Light Wood Tepee With Mattress White Blanket And Pillow With Black Polka Dots
Bright And Airy Living Room With Ultra Light Gray Sofa Multicolored Accent Pillows Wood Top Bedside Table With Worn Out Metal Frame Cactus On Stylish Planter
Bright And Light Bathroom White Bathtub Wood Ladder Rack Vivid Vines White Ceramic Tile Walls Flat Woven Runner With Fringed Tassels Wood Stool

Getting bored with the old interior décor and need new vibe to start your new day? A new decorating idea with layered colors and patterns sounds interesting to try out, and Boho style fits the option. Just make it as the highlight, not as the primary décor style, the following interior ideas are helpful to give you more ideas how to get new decorating style with Boho touch.

Neutral and earthy; I love the color schemes used in this modern bedroom. It gives natural warmth that definitely makes comfortable. I also personally like the headboard that obviously offers texture and style. Look at the shelving units right beside the bed frame; they’re functional to put small stuffs decorative including some Boho-style ornaments.

Airy-feel and relaxing, the atmosphere really supports us who need to recharge new energy to body and mind. The space is simply furnished with a midcentury modern furniture set plus a medium-size cactus. Simple but really affect the creation of positive vibe to the whole space.

I find so much Boho touch here and most of them are decorative items (except the round flat woven rug). I agree to make all Boho ornaments are placed in the same place like this one; it’s eye catching and can potentially be a statement of the room.

A soothing bathroom with growing vines – the bathroom design exposes luxury simply brought by affordable things like vivid green vines, flat woven rug, and custom ladder rack. So inspiring.

For kids’ room, it must be fun if we re-decorate it with something new for the kids like this Boho wall décor. This wall ornament is simply a fabric with layers of colors drawn in regular shape. In the base of fabric, there are the fringed tassels for the texture.

Lovely bedroom design. I totally love the runner and worn out bench bed that also add rustic touch to this bedroom. They perfectly work with the existing bedroom furniture and Boho-style accessories.

A mood bedroom design with Boho accents. You can adopt this design to your attic bedroom or the bedroom with the slanted wall. Just make a refreshment simply by growing up some greenery and vines in some spots of the bedroom. Choose the light color schemes for the bedding and interior for a beauty contrast.

Layered fabrics become one of most popular characteristics of Bohemian style and we find it in this small sitting area. The fabrics are dominated with neutral color schemes, so they’re beautifully bold and stylish. With the greenery addition, the space looks fresher and gets a little bit natural.

Small and crowded, the space is full of kitchen stuffs, but I’m so excited when seeing this runner. It gives an accent to the wood floors, also it brings more textural color to this kitchen.

Dramatic and romantic – this is what I’m feeling about this space. I really love the sparkling backdrop that visually gives the bed’s area a big highlight. It’s genius to add the hidden lighting behind the white fabric backdrop to produce amazingly warm and beautiful light effect. The bed becomes more special with such a fabulous treatment.

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