Interior Trends for Hottest Homes 2019

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We all surely wanna know what interior trends we’ll see in 2019, and hopefully one day we can apply them for our lovely home. These trends are commonly brought and introduced by interior influencers or magazines in which they’re gonna present the next hottest world interior trends including furniture, home decorating idea, interior accessory, and even color & texture.

Here we try to share the biggest interior trends expected to be so popular in 2019. Let’s check these out.

Kitchen Trends

Today, most people are concerning more on healthy lifestyle that then is manifested through how they select the daily foods. They prefer fresh & healthy sources of foods and how to prepare and to cook their foods. To meet this need, most interior designers then try to design the kitchen in most actual standard of wellness that takes these main points:

  • sustainable, hygienic, and recycled materials
  • layouts & designs that possibly provide no-limit interactions
  • real transparency in which the foods and other collections in kitchen are visible and easily to access.

Simplicity also becomes the next signature of most current kitchen trend. Simplicity here means well-ordered & organized, eco-friendly, and uncluttered. About the visual look, kitchen is meant to be minimalist that’s identical with airy, light, and relaxed feel, but if we want to make it warmer in visualization, just add light or medium wood tone. Neutrals and pastels are also recommended for soft visual.

Bathroom Trend

Current bathrooms are mostly designed for both practical space and relaxation. The space still focuses on privacy and quietness. Therefore, most designers try to create a standard value that can support a creation of calm atmosphere. More attractively, the designers also add the standards to make bathrooms quite more aesthetic, such as:

  • upholstered seat in small size
  • dimmer-light pendants
  • light accessories

About the colors, a trendy bathroom should follow nourishing and relaxing palettes like wood color. This color, of course, can create zen-like feel.

Dining Room Trend

Actually, all interior trends are the basic of individual experiments that then are manifested into designs. This dining room, for instance, exposes more on texture and color that express particular individual style, especially the home owner. It’s very dynamic and anytime can change. Creating a dining room that’s really ‘you’ is absolutely satisfies yourself.

Living Room Trend

Yes, poufs and ottomans are now back and both re-appear as two of 10 biggest trends 2019. The pendants are also picked as one of most influencing items for interior aesthetic. Some famous designers make a forecast about the glamorous pendant product that probably will be the hottest trend in next 2019.

High-Intense Black is Quite Favorite

Nothing creates a dramatic effect than dark colors, especially black. Its high intense, boldness, and contrast can be the primary value of black, and this could be possibly trend in 2019. Seating, lighting, sideboard, and other objects of decor are the proper targets to introduce this trend.

Moroccan runner here visually adds a high contrast among this bold black and white interior. This is an easy method to create a direct interest in room.

Well-arranged, clean line, and simply modern – I love how these pendants are installed. Wall decor needs to perform for giving textural colors.

Still about black. This color simply brings elegance in simply way. When combined with natural palettes like wood, it still offers coldness visually, but doesn’t seem dominating the other used color schemes. perfect!

Natural Fabrics: Modern but Sustainable

Most well-known interior designers say that sustainable & natural fabrics would be the next trend. It could break the mainstream styles of 2019. Throws, upholstered furniture pieces, and cushions are the most potential objects that are going to get much attention for this. Gladly, it’s quite sure that this trend is supported by so many looks and styles such as Scandi, Boho, French Country, and Hamptons.

Neutral yet soft – Here, the designer wants to focus more on neutral colors use that obviously brings warmth and cozy look in natural way. Through natural fibers, these decorative hats and woven rug really represent a perfect combination of nature and modern style.

White brings clean & minimalist. It’s quite perfect to be applied on upholstered sofas – creating a great coziness and visual beauty. To add more color scheme without destructing the existed cool tones, the designer picks too-light grey for walls. A little vividly green houseplant of course adds the freshness to this monotone-interior.

Close to Hygge or Mountain Living Trend

Another thing to reflect the calmness and coziness is Hygge being. Hygge has been a major trend in few years and this new trend takes coziness and wellness as the main idea.

Feeling cozy probably means reading the most favorite book while enjoying the freshness of morning air and fabulous view outside in such balcony.

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