Interior with Sheer Curtain for Undisguised Outdoor View

How do you like to keep your house secret without totaly bounding the access outside? Yeah, window is kind of helpful stuff that is so fair to keep everything close inside the home without letting you missing any single piece of the outside view. However, there is another way that is more elegant to give stunning decoration in your window. What is it? Absolutely, it is a curtain! Curtain is more that beneficial to make it covering the window, but it is also beautiful to add color and pattern as well. What do you think about sheer curtain?

When you wake up in the morning, it is not the alarm on your clock that warns you, but it must be the sunlight coming through the window that hurts your eyes in the first time. yeah, you can both enjoy it and hate it, but the thing is you have to rush to the office, school or anywhere. Aren’t you supposed to be thankful?

Completing the decoration in the dining room is a set of gray curtain idea with sheer white additional curtain. They blend in such a way and creating amazing tone that you cannot deny! The sheer white stuff is just to lovely to always wave you with all the joy outside the house!

Do you think that sheer curtain is always white? No. There are so many stylish patterned sheer curtain that you should know. Like the one in adorable brown leopard patterned sheer curtain that creates illusion to the interior where it stands on!


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