How to Make and Install the Inverted Pleat Drapes

Inverted pleat drapes are the part of window treatment that offers modern or contemporary interior look. They have decorative add to the curtain. They can also be hung as the panels under the cornice or valance. You can create the pleats manually. These points are the steps how to construct the inverted pleat drapes by our hand.

First, put the curtain on the table and measure it up. Second, subtract the width of curtain that you have been finished. To make it clearer, here is the example. The width is 48 inches, for instance, dividing it by 8. So you can get 6 inches for each 8 pleats.

Third, give the mark on the pleat. Start giving the mark from the edge of curtain and make sure that the mark is one-half of space allotment. Measure more from this point one-half of the pleat allotment. Give a pin on the top edge of the mark. This pin is as the sign of pleat center. Put the next pin on next edge of the pleats top. Make sure that these arrangements of pins are equal to the first pin.

Fourth, please fold the curtain and sew each center of pleat that has been marked. Sew them from the top to the hem of the curtain by 4 inches. Fifth, open the channel in each pleat and the channel’s side will look flaring out. The flare creates the flat pleat on the line side of the curtain.

Then remove the pin from the pleat and install the pleat across the curtain’s top. The last step, insert several hooks in the center of pleat’s fold line. Hang your curtain on the rod. Inverted pleat drapes have been finished. Here the list collection of inverted pleat drapes pictures that might inspire you to make other new inverted pleat drapes.


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