Ironing Board Storage Cabinet: a Simple Solution to Minimize the Messy Look of Your Laundry Room

How does your laundry room look like? Usually, people say that their laundry room is always messy and unorganized. The factor maybe the number of the fixtures added in the room, can be the frequency you clean up the room, and also the way you set all of the stuff. In this case, ironing board becomes the greatest problem to solve! With ironing board storage cabinet, your messy laundry room is about to minimize!

It takes the advantage of cabinetry that you installed in the room. Spacious cabinet means large storage to load your stuff, including your ironing board! How? The answer is about choosing fold up ironing board. Yeah, it is simple and adjustable. Whenever you need you can open it, and then you can fold it up when it is finish.

A simple table storage can be another appeal that you can have. It saves your interior space with only 1 meter in length. It takes the countertop to be the ironing board while the storage beneath plays as a cupboard. It is simple breakthrough for a small home design with small laundry room.

A simpler design appears in very stylish style with hanging cabinet on the wall containing ironing board. It saves large space in your interior with only minimal fixture to buy. The fold up model is the best way to solve everything!

Meanwhile, a sliding ironing board can be your next alternative. It is simple and saving the space too. You can hide the design in a drawer whenever you don’t need it.

What do you think good people, isn’t it nice!

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