Modern and Classic Design of Japanese Soaking Tub

You might usually see a bathtub with common design. If you ever see any japanese soaking tub, why you never try to have it at home? How does the japanese tub look like? Just keep reading this post till the last line. The writer will show you some awesome japanese soaking tubs concept design. Let us go to the first look. This japanese soaking tube showed in the picture has very nice typical design which has shape like a cup with concrete design. This seems very original because this concrete soaking tub has no special coloring.

It is different from the other soaking tub which has round design like a bowl with white pure coloring. This japanese soaking tub seems more modern than the first sample. It does not stop there, there is a japanese soaking tub with black and grey coloring design. This tub seems modern as well because it is made of granite. Unlike the other japanese soaking tub which has classic concept. This tub showed in the picture is kind of outdoor tub with natural environment. The same wooden tub concept can also be applied for indoor soaking tub.

There is round soaking tub which is made of wood. This japanese tub seems very classic anyway. It is different from the common tub which is mostly used in Europe, you cannot lay on this japanese tub, you just sit on it. How is it? incredible, right? For now on, just try to put this japanese soaking tub at your home to get new sensation.


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