Ikea Jewelry Box Design

You can not choose any random storage place for your stuffs, especially your jewelry. Jewerly is special thing so it deserves to have special storage place too. Jewelry box is common storage place. Usually, it has small size which you can put on your dresser. But as time goes by, it is not really efficient to put your long jewelry like necklace in fold shape. You have to hang it nicely so it won’t get bad damages.

Jewelry box is not only in small size anymore, but also long and big size with some drawers on it. Jewelry box these days also provides you a cool design with the mirror. Commonly, the mirror is located on the top part of your jewelry box. Jewelry box is almost similar to cabinet but it is designed differently only for keeping your jewerly safely.

Jewelry box will always looks great with its wooden design. Just like other storage place, keeping the original wood color is more natural than painting it with other color. Good jewelry box is a box with some drawers, shelf for your necklaces, and mirror area. Most of jewelry box is designed much tall, the purpose of t is about helping you to dress up in standing position nicely.

If you need urgently to have a jewelry box, it is very suggested for you to buy jewerly box from Ikea. Ikea jewelry box design is vey amazing. You will have not only good storage place for yoru jewelry, but also stylish furniture to decor your room.

reference: ikea.com

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