What is A Jute Rug

What is a jute rug? Jute rug is a very special rug with unique texture. It is kind of natural fiber rug which is made by hand. A jute rug is quite expensive, especially if it has very unique and decorative design with many difficulties to make. It is very worthy to have one awesome thing for your awesome house. Jute rug can be used to decor any room, bedroom, living room, even dining room.

There are several benefits that you can get if you use jute rug. First, jute rug gives your floor room looks more antique. Second, jute rug is more durable than any other rug material. Third, jute rug is very friendly with the ecosystem. And the last, jute rug is suitable and perfect for any room style and design, so you can use it for modern, classic, or contemporary room.

Some things that you have pay more attention to your jute rug. Jute rug is typical of dry rug, keep it away for wet things or room with high water like bathroom. It is not suitable for your outdoor floor, rain will make it wet. Use usual vacuum cleaner to clean it, don’t clean it with any soap or floor cleaner. Just let it dry by itself after you use vacuum cleaner.

Rug is useful thing for room floor. Without rug, sometime your room floor looks empty and very usual. Jute rug is one of perfect rug type to decor your room. Using jute rug, your room will look more antique because of its unique style.

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