Keep Stylish with Characterful Rustic & Metallic Look with These Outstanding Industrial Kitchens

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I bet many people know about the industrial style. The style is visually pleasing but rarely used for kitchen design. It’s mostly used for living room where it’s designed for public space like living room.

Industrial style focuses on several principals: use of bricks (for walls), concrete base, ventilation pipes, aged metals, and weathered woods. Actually, the style is very effective and functional for kitchen. It also can fit personal taste, and the kitchen with industrial elements completely brings unique. Now, I’m going to showcase ten industrial kitchen trends you can adopt for your kitchen remodel project.

A lot of metal is left exposed, and raw-finish wooden island visually brings aged look. Even, the potted plants are set in industrial style by its metal pot.

All industrial principals are obviously taken in this kitchen. The brick walls, concrete walls, dark ceilings, exposed metals, and hardwood elements make this setting so industrial.

Hanging pans are the most unique objects in this space, but such view is really common for industrial style. Raw & hard-textured wood cabinets also meet what industrial principal, performing a mass of rustic.

Add personal touches to your existed industrial kitchen. This is necessary if you want to get a-really-you kitchen. It must have more specifications that then bring a character to your cooking area. This gray kitchen walls, for instance, offer a modern appeal rather than industrial that’s so aged.

There is a modern touch addition in this industrial kitchen. It’s metallic backsplash that visually gives an interesting part in room. Its glossy surface of course produces the glow in the middle of old-look kitchen.

Break the norm and give the focal points in your industrial kitchen. These red stools and pipe-legs island really stand out. They’re easily taking people’s interest.

Stoned walls and wood use are the instant ways to go for a genuine industrial kitchen. Recessed cabinets are new but they’re still matching with the interior style.

For you guys, this is a modern industrial kitchen with masculine appeal. All interior pieces are clean line; just the tones and materials that really enhance the industrial look.

And this is an ultra modern industrial kitchen in bright visual appearance. The furniture is designed in clean line and there are some of pop of colors have been added. The bricks here completely show up their original tone, burnt red.

Rustic open shelves and brick walls absolutely give a massive industrial influence.

The last idea is the industrial kitchen highlighted with large-portion pendant and rustic door. They look so great when together, making the space quite industrial.

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