Kitchen 101: Creating Healthier and Greener Kitchen

In order to be a part of ‘go green’ campaign, creating green and healthy kitchen is currently essential. Kitchen is the ultimate place within the house for any energy-wasting activities. From water, electricity, as well as gas is all utilized in the kitchen to meet the daily needs. To sustain these valuable resources and of course increase the pocket savings, here are several practical tips to change your daily kitchen routines to be greener and healthier.

Start from using more energy-efficient utensils that take less energy and water. The benefit is not only to save more energy but also to produce less dangerous chemical. You can go to your local government or communities that are aware of energy issue to get more clues about the energy-efficient kitchen appliances. In USA, there is an “Energy Star” program that helps societies when considering to use those appliances.

Besides using energy-efficient utensils, using long-lasting cookware is just similarly important. Pick out materials that have long durability, such as stainless steel or iron, so you don’t necessarily purchase new cookware.

Paying attention to where you get the food is also one of the green routines. Try to buy organics food from local farmers instead of buying imported food. This way can absolutely cost you down and support healthier life as the food will be fresher and pesticide-free.

To create green kitchen, it would be incomplete without any greenery in the kitchen. Some green plants will serve fresher and greener atmosphere. You can plant any useful herbs, such as parsley, basil, spring onion, or other necessary herbs in pots so you don’t have to buy them in the market. They can also provide improved health by producing healthier and fresher food as well as air.


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