Creative Kitchen Counter-top Design Disguises Low Cost Price Without Showing Flaw

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Amazing Chandelier Design With Golden Accent Above Wooden Kicthe Island With Inexpensive Countertop Before Dull White Cabinetry And Glass Storage
Unique Kitchen Island Design With Inexpensive Glass Countertop Above Wooden Storage Beneath Cool Smokestack With Modern Stove Set Above Tile Flooring Idea
Butcherblock Countertops By Grothouse
Large Grey Wooden Kitchen Island Design With Inexpensive Wooden Countertop And Wooden Chairs Beneath Cool Smokestack Aside Dull White Cabinetry Upon Bamboo Flooring Idea
Amazing Green Glass Kitchen Countertop For Inexpensive Need With Modern Faucet Design In Curve Model Aside Pink Flower Decoration Beneath Glass Window
Stunning Brown Kitchen Cabinet With Round End And Grey Inexpensive Countertop With White Sink And Golden Curve Faucet Design Aside Greenery Beneath Glass Window
Simple Inexpensive Kitchen Cabinet With Wooden Countertop And Modern Faucet Design Beneath Wall Racks On White Wall Painting Design
Amazing Inexpensive Brown Kitchen Island Countertop Beneath Classic Chandelier And Modern Faucet Design Aside White Cabinetry Above Beige Flooring Idea
Exotic Large Kitchen Design With Industrial Cabinetry Idea And Stunning Island Countertop In Inexpensive Style Beneath Candle Pendants Above Bamboo Laminated Floor
Inexpensive Walnut Wood Kitchen Island Countertop With White Storage Beneath Luxurious Golden Chandelier Aside White Cabinetry Upon Beige Bamboo Flooring Design

Kitchen, cabinet and its counter-top are three in-separated items in every home. Yeah, it must be true that every retreat offers comfortable kitchen along with its satisfying cabinetry. Then can you miss the counter-top? Of course no. Then, how to juggle inexpensive counter-top into such a costly look? Learn from following show!

Wooden counter-top must be the simplest design after all material. It steals every attention with its natural look. Shaped in victorious design, it is no longer a cheap item. For instance, to feed your classical taste, dull white cabinetry inside your kitchen is best to meet the natural brown wooden counter-top. Effortlessly, it shares perfect appeal in a small kitchen. Do you want to give it a try?

Another type of kitchen cabinet counter-top is flashing glass material. Not such ordinary one, it gives you a chance to have playful design in green color. It is bold and bit transparent too for fashionable outlook. Added with curve stylish faucet above the sink, it becomes such undeniable part of any kitchen.

Meanwhile, a smooth brown kitchen island counter-top tries to test your eye. It is true that the material must be low cost, but the result shows different level. Taking the one with semi rustic tone is also gorgeous. An extended kitchen bar from the one with stainless counter-top steals the show with its stunning outlook. Thanks to the pendants to glow the design generously. Wooden kitchen counter-top with butcher and flashing marble accent is another design you could rely on. In short, all the designs are wonderful. What about you?


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