Kohler Trough Sink for Bathroom

Taking bathroom function to more advanced level, Kohler trough sink seems so perfect for installation as the primary bathroom sink. Such sink will give the ultimate function for your bathroom. Kohler designs the series of Kohler trough sink in customized place. As kitchen sink, for instance, is well choice.

Kohler trough sink for bathroom has several main characteristics. The most recognizable characteristic is the sink that’s wider than traditional sink. Another characteristic is the use of double or more water faucets for one sink. The variants of Kohler trough sink can also be identified from the number of holes (the holes for water streaming down onto the plumber). The hole can be single or double, depending on the sink size and the number of water faucets.

Observe the installation neatly. Most of Kohler trough sink sets are installed in floating or wall-mounted position. Such installation suits for bathroom with limited space. The depth of sink also varies. Based on the depth, Kohler distinguishes their sink products into medium and large ones. The standard size for Kohler trough sinks depth 5 inches from surface.

Next, Kohler trough sink are manufactured in several fun colors. White on top and colorful scheme for base becomes the next characteristic. The color options for base include bright yellow, blue, red, blue navy, cream, black, and many more. Please visit our gallery for more images.

Reference: www.us.kohler.com

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