Lace Window Shades

It seems not comfortable for you when you use window curtain in the afternoon or morning. It is okay to use window curtain at night, it will keep your home privacy. You can’t block sun light everyday comes to your home because sun light is also important for your healthy, especially skin. You need perfect window shades which is not only keeping your home privacy, but also creating good light of sun light to your home.

It is about how you can control sun light inside your home, but also making your window looks pretty. Lace window shades are perfect thing for any home window type. The design is very simple with such as elegant appearance. Most of lace window shades are designed with white color and stylish pattern. You can choose another color like pink or yellow at available stores, so you don’t have to always choose white one.

Lace window shades also come with different size for different window dimension. Give your room more sun light by choosing half lace window shades size, or you can choose the full shape one then you can fold the bottom part as you wish. Lace window shades are not only used for such as kitchen window, but it can be applied on your bedroom window even bathroom window.

Lace window shades with full of pattern will make your room looks a little bit classic which is giving you mid century atmosphere. If you need more elegant lace window shades for your modern room, then choose one with simple pattern as possible.


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