Laundry Basket Shelves: Style of Arrangement

How do you arrange your laundry room? do you place all of the furniture in a better arrangement, or you just place all of them as you wish? One thing that determine whether your laundry room will be good or not is the laundry basket shelves because the amount is larger than others. Therefore, it is important to take the right selection as well as arrangement for tidier laundry room design. here you look at some pictures!

The first idea comes from a cool shabby chic laundry room. it plays blue color more than others, and some sweet pink tone attacks the peaceful blue with beautiful accent. Right beneath every wall are some laundry shelves made of stainless ,wire and even zink. They are all just well organized to invite the occupant having a closet inside as well!

Another idea is quite practical with beyond the door laundry shelves. it is likely some sacks that turn into such creative and adorable laundry baskets. Added with some rattan basket storage bin on the shelves, I guess this laundry room is a complete package!

Some people tend to use cabinet rather than other shelves designs. It is safer and also more stylish to keep the laundry room tidy and good looking. The space above the cabinet is also the storage or some rattan basket to load some clean laundry.

The combination of cabinet and shelves is perfect to make your laundry room even more adorable to do the laundry in the weekend. In its yellow and green wall paint, I think everything just goes in each line.


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