Living Room Furniture Arrangement

You can’t see how beautiful and nice a living room is without thinking about its correct furniture arrangement. Interior design of your living room has main role in creating room style, but it will not working at all if you arrange the furniture randomly. Living room is focal room to spend relax and entertaining time, so it is important to put the furniture well. Furniture arrangement depends on some things of the room.

First thing for furniture arrangement is your living room space. If your living room is kind of minimalist room, it is better to apply middle seating area or corner sitting area, so you can have more free space. Second is about your living room furniture size. Big furniture are not always comfort, try to use comfort as much as possible rather than choosing based on the furniture size. It will also more difficult to move big furniture when you want to change the arrangement.

Fireplace of living room is everyone’s need. U-shaped sitting area for living room furniture arrangement is suitable when you want to give warm room with the fireplace. U-shaped is also great when you want to have entertaining room of living room by facing the sofa or chairs to your living room TV. L-shaped especially for sectional sofa is better for corner sitting area.

Living room furniture arrangement can create your living room style too. Some style like 80th century or southern style has their own standard and requirements of furniture arrangement for living room.


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