Between Wood and Glass Long Console Tables

Another piece of furniture offering both functional and decorative values is console tables which are long but narrow width with tall and narrow feet. Long console tables will provide space for keys, mobile phones or newspapers. You can also use it as the last check point before leaving your house by placing mirror, lipstick or comb. Console table is also a solution for a limited space room and it can be placed in bedroom, living room or corridor. To keep it attractive, you can put a decorative flower vase in the middle of the table.

Wood and glass are two common materials for long console tables. Wood characteristics offer gorgeous pattern performing warmth and is strong in nature. If properly maintained wood console tables may last for many years. In terms of cleaning, you can simply use dry fabric and do occasional polish. Due to its weather resistant feature, wood console tables are suitable for hallway. It is also possible for you to stain or paint your wood console tables creating more colorful vibe to your house.

Although many people with little children turn their heads from glass console tables for its vulnerability to break, modern glass technology actually makes it possible to have unbreakable glass. Glass console tables are suitable for small room making it look wider. Glass console tables are also capable to integrate with any decoration styles. Glass offers sleek and clean look to a room and definitely easy to clean and maintain. Due to its ability to reflect light, glass may help a room to look more fresh and light. It is always highly recommended to consider your intention in using the long console tables prior to your purchase. This will help you choosing the right one meeting your need in terms of usefulness and style.


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