Love Red? These Are Perfect Color Schemes to Pair with Red

deep orange sofa in midcentury modern style round top wood stool half way gray and red walls plenty of wall decors dark area rug with round shape accents Pinterest

Red is one of color schemes with bold, exotic, and value to make a statement. The color actually can fit any other color schemes including neutrals, but some interior designers, with their excellent skill, consider to make some color pairings involving red as one of basic color. Really wonder about the designers’ color fit that will make you exactly inspired? Let’s get to know then.

Red featuring charcoal – a color combination visually can visualize maturity and masculinity. High-saturate charcoal walls totally background this vividly red sofa.

Need something bold and stunned? Red and purple become two recommended color schemes that meet your dreamy tone. Bring them to add a new refresh to your room.

Glossy red featuring vivid blue – each offers much of charm other colors can’t have. Finished in tufted leather, the armchair looks shining with its glam of red, and the textural blue wallpapers have completely executed it.

This is a proof that colors can freshen up the space. Red-white, in right portion, gives a new look and of course it makes this living room more alive.

Green olive always gives the natural warmth while red is fire-like visualization. There is high-contrast when both are applied in one space, but do not be superior one another.

This corn-flower blue has actually been made manually by hands. That’s why the color effect obviously exposes the real hand-painted patterns commonly discovered in other manual painting techniques. It’s unique when the blue is collaborated with bright red base as they’ve just created a beautiful contrast.

Size isn’t a matter. Make it great with the color like this knitted wool pouf. The bold red seems dominant over black-white massively covering up the space.

This is the reason why it’s fun to redecorate a room with bold color schemes. This industrial living room, for instance, looks much more attractive simply with red-painted pipes, torn-look brick walls, and stucco floors.

Orange-red with solid gray in the middle. Don’t be worried to combine these colors into one frame of space, but be careful to put them in right proportion. This orange sofa seems to be the most stunning one after the gray perfectly being the wall background, while the red here works well as the background for all wall decors.

This custom bronze ceilings bring a vibrant look in the space. Green and blue additions are actually unnecessary, but it’s fine to add the richness of colors.

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